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Discussion in 'General' started by easy rider, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. anybody wathc tommy chong on jay leno tongiht?
  2. I caught it lol I guess not to many were interested..I posted a thread about it, not many lookers.

    anyway! yay for tommy! still in his high and happy spirits! not any 9months in jail can get him down lol :) he'll never be down!
    looking foward to that next movie those two are putting out!! :D
    good for leno to have him on the was good for America to hear, HOW DUMB this was to incarcerate anyone for the reasons that they did. UNFAIR!
  3. Man, how'd I miss your thread Sensi?

    I woulda loved to see that. Any chances they repeat Leno? Doubt it, but its worth a shot.

    Glad to see he's out and still :smoking:

  4. I'm really pissed off that I missed it. I read your thread about it and even set the alarm on my cell phone.....but I was busy at the time and didn't hear my phone go off. Fuck being busy! :p

    I'm glad he's in good spirits. Maybe there's a transcript of the show out there somewhere.
  5. I taped it...I wish I could share my copy with all of you!!

  6. I think you should make additional copies and send each of us one!!!!! :D LOL! That would be expensive!

    Maybe we should all send an email to Leno and ask that they replay it. I did that with the John Stossel thing a while back and while the network didn't reshow it, the local station did...and sent me a tape...and apologized for the weather screwing up the original showing of it....and explained that they weren't in bed with the government since that's what I claimed when the bad weather made the show cut off mid-way....LOL!!!!!

    Anyway, I think we should all email Leno and ask him to repeat it for the stoners who were too stoned to remember to watch it!!!!! :D
  7. ^^^

    Good plan. Now we need a stoner who isn't too stoned to figure out the e-mail address. I vote for RMJL.
  8. alright I guess I could tell a little white lie and say I need it replayed :)
    for you guys, anything :)

  9. :D to set up her webcam onto the TV attatched to the VCR that is playing the episode? lol..

  10. Whoa....that's not a bad idea! :p

  11. Every night when you hook it up and make me watch you do your thing!!!!! :p
  12. I missed it so i took a look around for a transcript and couldn't find anything. I don't suppose you wanna watch it again and type it out for us sensi? :p
  13. They replay old leno's ub the middle of the night I think, and not just the one from earlier in the night.

  14. I suppose I...hmm..get stoned enough..and..hmm...yeah my fingers are out of shape. LOL, ever notice that? I used to write a lot, through highschool and college, and my hand was in PEAK condition. I havent written as much over the years and when Im writing a lot out now, I get these cramps in my hand, like WHOA, out of shape!!
    anyway...*searches for webcam*

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