Chong Bong unused autographed whats it worth collectors?

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    I got this 12 years ago brand new & had it signed the same day because chong was promoting these at the time & was at the store signing, it was a gift from my woman at the time, her sister worked at the store where he was signing. I have a photo with him for provenance. The signature is 100% authentic. This has been stored in a safe inside a microscope case & is as nice as you will ever find I even have the chong self pic sticker unused also that these came with when new. I know its a shame to not use or share the experience of using this with others because it must truly be magical to use it but I just never could bring myself to use it. what is your guy's opinion on value.



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  2. I actually love that movie, how can u not. Kubrik is my fav director of all time.
  3. Its worth what someone will pay. But worth half as much as it will be someday.
  4. I would keep something like that on display.  It doesn't have to be toked from to be appreciated.
    You can buy nice all glass display cabinets with a door and led's from ikea for much less than the bong is worth. :)
  5. True, but not enough help. I would like the homest opinion of collector's because im going to sell it but not sure what would be fair
  6. Yea, I would but the new girlfriend would not let that happen
  7. As poke said, it's worth what someone will pay. It's kind of priceless. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Some people might not give 2 shits  that it is signed by chong and some people might die to get it.
    also you really want to get rid of that?  damn must be some tough times.
  8. Yea, its more because my girlfriend hates that im so proud & show it off & it's from my ex. Plus I feel like it should go to someone who will enjoy such an awesome thing. I just want alot of money to let it go through.
    picard-facepalm.jpg dontdoit.gif bundy.jpg
  10. Lol, I've already tried at least 3 out of 4 of those faces to her but to no avail:(
  11. It all starts with the bong man.  Then it ends with the testicles.  I have seen it before many a time my friend.
    I wish you all the best.  :smoking:
  12. Been there.. never again. 
    In the words of Jack White "i won't let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me"
  13. Thanks brother, u too. I know but this one is a loosing battle. U learn with age, pick your battles wisely
  14. Fuck that noise. I'd rather die alone than unhappy.

    "Love&marriage" is a human invention, not necessity.
  15. keep the bong man, if youve explained the history behind chong glass and she has to know who tommy chong is theres no way she should make you get rid of that glass. you dont have to show it off to everyone that comes over but keep it man. its legendary. fuck thats it from an ex shes insecure as shit if that gets her up in arms. 
  16. I'd probably pay about $250 for it.
  17. So you just throw away what you love for a new girlfriend? Sorry, but it's people like you that cause the divorce rate to be higher than 50%. Grow some balls and put your foot down, that is an expensive collectors piece and it means something to you. If your girlfriend can't understand that then she doesn't care about you and it's going to be one hell of a one sided relationship. 

    ANY girl that demands changes and for you to sell old items when she starts dating you is NOT A GIRL FOR YOU. A girl for you will not mind your hobbies and interests. So seriously, if you're pathetic enough to throw away what you love for one worthless vagina you deserve to be forever unhappy.

    Enjoy your divorce in 15 years when you have kids and finally realize what a controlling bitch she is. 

    And you can tell her it's more than a bong, that thing is a collectors piece that is going to gain so much value, especially when Chong passes on. What happens the day when Chong passes and weed is legalized? Do you have any idea how much it will be worth then? And then you will be looking at your wife and the 75 pounds she gained wondering what all went wrong. 

    Good luck O.P, I guess if we didn't make dumb decisions like this over a vagina we wouldn't have anything to regret for the rest of our lives, but I'm sure she's a nice girl. 

  18. Yea I hear you guys point about not selling it for the wrong reasons & I agree that its pretty insecure to ask tge person your with to sell something from an ex. I am not a push over & I wear the pants in this relationship but she is stuck on this stupid issue because everyone that sees it asks, where did u get that thing so then I have to always say from my ex fof christmas one year. Thing is I could use the money also but I dont really want to let it go. I don't think I would if it were not for her pushing me to do so. I have been with her 2 years so shes not just some new come & go thing. I wanted to get $3,000 or $4000, do you guys think thats too much? I may keep it & she can just deal with it if I cant get a pretty penny for it.
  19. Oh no! People have to hear how you had a life before her! THE HORROR! You don't want to let it go, so don't. It means so much to you, could you imagine if you tried to tell her to get rid of something that meant equally as much to her? Exactly. Tell her to stuff it and she will still stick around. You could also just lie to people and say you bought it for yourself if that's what bothers her so much, simple solution.

    Personally if my girlfriend had an expensive cool item like that from an ex I would consider it a benefit. Better than previously being with someone who just fucked them and gave them nothing. 
  20. That's a lovely piece of history.
    Are you going to be one if them people whom have a expensive bottle of wine and never drink it?
    I would use it, enjoy it that's what it's made for.

    not alot of people know that I don't know that, but I bloody well don't!

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