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Choices - Roor vs. Weedstar

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by squijew, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Im lookin to buy a bong right now. It's guna be the first bong I can call my own. I know that roor is one of the best out there. I have never heard of weed star

    i was wondering if anyone has a weed star and if they can let me know how it is. roor can pretty much speak for itself.

    here are my 2 choices

    weedstar -

    roor -

    the weedstar has at least a diffuser and a perc, but the roor has neither but is a good bit more. both are 5mm thick.

    im willing to shell out for the roor, but if i do, i will buy a diffuser.

    So any help in deciding a bong wud be good.
  2. while the weed star is aesthetically pleasing it does not have the construction quality of a roor.

    ive found that lesser known companies producing percs like (phire) are not that good.

    i like my 18inch roor plain straight tube way more than my friends 2.5ft tripple perc phire
  3. woudl it be wise to shell out some extra dough for the diffuser with the roor? or does it really not matter
  4. I would get a diffuser they really do make a difference. my non diffused stem gives my bong this loud chugging sound and my diffused maks a quick swooooosh and creates a lot less drag
  5. I'm pretty sure it comes with the diffuser.

  6. not the above mentioned roor, the WS does
  7. now for the diffuser, shud i get a shorter one or the one the recommned for the roor (15.5/15 cm)

    if youc ud look at the roor specs and let me know, id be grateful! thanks!
  8. thinking of getting the same weedstar because its comes with so many features that only high buck bongs have
  9. It really depends what you're looking for hit wise. The weedstar will most likely have a lot of drag because of the percs. The ROOR on the other hand will be extremely easy to pull on. Plus that ROOR has the bistable joint, which makes it a LOT more sturdy. I personally would go with the ROOR and get a diffuser(the reccomended one). I love my ROOR and I know that one would hit great.
  10. If I were you I would go with the Roor ( I've been looking at that same one actually).
  11. no ROOR's come stock with diffuser.

    If i were you, id get the weedstar.

    I like pretty bongs more than the lab glass aproach.

    Now where are all the ROOR fanatics?
  12. I dunno if i were you i'd go for the roor, for two main reasons.
    It will be much better quality, and better build etc, and also with the diffuser will hit beautifully.
    But also, when you're chilling out with the weedstar, you'll start to notice all the problems with it, but with the roor, its very aesthetically pleasing, and also you'll be very happy that you have it, it'll make you feel good that you actually have a roor, and it gives you pretty good bragging rights with yer friends :rolleyes:.

    In the end, I'd go for the roor for sure, because i mean its a fucking roor xD.

  13. i think im guna go with the roor + diffuser

    i will get a fancy crazy design on my next bong, probab guna be an illadelph
  14. See thats just the problem, with a Roor, alot of the money that your spending on it goes to the name, the fact that it is a Roor. And what problems are there with that weedstar bong? I see none? The weedstar bong comes with more features and at a lesser price, not because of its lesser build when compared to a Roor, or other highly known company, but because it is less known, and therefore less in demand.

    I would personally go for the weedstar bong because it is cheaper, and you could buy more bud with the left over money
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  15. which one will let me take huge rips and not feel as if it was a rough one?
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    go with the roor. I have a black label 5.0 icemaster straight tube and a single perc PHX beaker bottom. the roor blows my phx outta the water. get the same length diffuser. i got a illadelph diffuser that has a built in ash catcher and works really nice, milks really nice too
  17. #18 KingJesus, Feb 16, 2009
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    Unless you're referring to that website selling ROORs with diffusers(which it doesn't seem to) then I believe you are mistaken. I've bought my own and been with several people while they were buying theirs and none of them come with a diffuser.

    Another reason for the ROOR: I dunno if you have ever had to clean a bong with a perc before but it is a BITCH, and if you're using grunge off you will end up spilling it a lot more quickly with a perc'd bong. I used one bottle of grunge off for my ROOR for close to 6 months.
  18. there will deffinetly be a quality difference.

    like i stated before i love my roor compared to my buddies phire which is double the size and has three tree percs. Its not because its a roor its because nothing hits like my bong man.
  19. Get the Roor and you can always go pick up accesories for it at a shop or order a diffuser and whatever else.

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