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Choice of pills to get high from and smoke with

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Dankatron, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. i have two kpins, two ultrams, and 4 cyclobenzaprines.

    which should i take to get high off tonight? im gonna go hang wiht friends what you guys suggest;

    Kpins: these are euphoric drunk type high.

    ultrams; euphoric high similar to hydrocodone like oxy codene etc

    cyclos; baked couch lock drunk for sure feelings these are for getting drunk without dirnking.

    never done any only know what they do. anyone care to give input? :devious:
  2. cyclo's suck all they do is make you really relaxed and sleepy..they have little to no recreational value.
    that is if your talking about cyclobenzaprine.
  3. yeah true i was gonna use them to go to sleep when i have insomnia.

    down to kpins or ultram?
  4. kpins all the way :cool:
  5. sounds goooooooooooood ttook em ;]
  6. i took 1 mg of kpins, should i do another mg? and should i take the ultram i ahve too?
  7. Can't ask for dosage advice, dude...

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