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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Toke4life420, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. After Bruning some of your best buds what kind of music do you enjoy. Me i love listing to Pink Floyd and also ATB(techno)

    i really cant listen to like rap and such when im high, it offers me nothing.
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  3. political punk, punk...sometimes reggae...lots of different music...
  4. indi hip hop weather im stoned or not.
  5. im a big metal head but when im stoned the rapper delight in me comes out
  6. metal, punk, hardcore, classic rock. I find that when Im stoned, classic rock sounds the best (Sabbath, Zepellin, ACDC, Deep Purple, all that good shit)
  7. about rap. If you listen to some good rap (not like ja rule, like tupac) you hear some deep ass lyrics about them growing up and you start thinking all deep and shit. Its awesome. I like whatever when im ripped. Mostly classic rock though. I got the black eyed peas CD which is sick, but i havent got weed to here it stoned yet.
  8. I love listening to progressive stuff when i'm high - mostly porcupine tree, a perfect circle, tool - i also enjoy the deftones when i'm high. sitar music is fucking amazing - so is sigur ros.
  9. Rap mainly and i gotta agree with tha other post above about hearin that deep shit in there,But rock is cool when burnin too
  10. One word, guys: jazz.

    I'm listening to Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain right now. It's unbelievable.

    I'm a DJ for my school's radio station, and I write reviews of about ten new releases each week, so I get just about anything you could want for free. Regardless, particular jazz albums still overwhelm me.
  11. Underground hip hop and classic rock. Depends on who I'm with, and what I'm in the mood for.
  12. im really into stoner music....classic rock, modern shit like phish dmb w/e....sublime, bobmarley
  13. jam bands. string cheese incident...panic. oh and sublime is always always great to listen to when high or not.
  14. EuropeanVW: is that Big L in ur av?
  15. Good Beatles albums, pink floyd, jimi hendrix, led zeppelin, lounge/chillout music.
  16. Moving to Music Hall ;)
  17. i love listening to hip hop, only when i am stoned tho, then i like classic rock pink floyd etc...and I love love love peter tosh, and the Cheech and Chong sound tracks.....funny shit!
  18. Rap or Metal, whilst with a good buzz...Cypress Hill and Tupac, Iced Earth, old Metallica, a lot of mainstream stuff. Techno when I'm drunk...or zoning out.

    Altho I admit I love playing PC games more than anything else while getting stoned...nothin like smoking a bowl while flyin between starsystems to hunt a bad guy down.

  19. Wait, theres bad Bealtes albums???

    Right now in my stereo is
    The Doors
    and then any other thing i wanna listen too.
  20. Any thing jam band related like The Grateful Dead or MOE. Rest in peace Jerry.

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