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  1. Hey so i have the choice of getting one of these 4 items. im not sure which one to get though. they all look really interesting to me. any opinions would be helpful. btw all from chunkyglasspipes.
    the first bowl and the bubbler are color changers. but the dragon bowl looks really nice and the zongs just pretty sweet aswell.

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  2. Well, I don't know what your criteria is for what you're looking for. If you're looking for the best possible high, I would say the bong. If you want portability, go for a small pipe. If you want a mix of both aspects, go for the bubbler. It's really your own preference! :D The dragon is fucking SWEET though, haha. Good luck!
  3. The dragon was ultimately my first choice. Looks incredible, and i get highest off smoking a bowl instead of a bong or zong, dont know why lol. i cant see a carb on the dragon pipe. do you see one?
  4. the zong.
  5. I can't see a carb hole either. Maybe message whoever you're buying off of?
  6. Non they all shit and so is the website.
  7. Don't do the bong. It looks pretty simple & could probably pick one up at a headshop for cheap.

    Dragon, or the bubbler. You asked the audience, & already gave you the 50/50. Now you gotta either phone a friend or decide for yourself :D
  8. Bong for sure man
  9. Bubbler for sure.
  10. the zong or first bubbler. anything with water > normal pipe
  11. Would the dragon still be fine without a carb? i would like the zong but with my age i have to have someone buy it for me and i dont have much of a place to hide it. thats why im sticking to either bowls or the bubbler. im kinda leaning toward the dragon, its the cheapest and it looks sick. lol
  12. under 18 are we?

  13. gtfo...

  14. Lol. Bye dude. Got you enjoyed the city.
  15. the bong seems like the most for your money, but i have used zongs just like that one and they are very low quality. That bubbler would give you the filtration still and it will last you a lot longer, its the one i would get if I were you.
  16. My friend has the dragon one it isn't so great for ripping, just for show. The carb hole is on the bottom near the bowl.
    I would say get the bong or the bubbleer!
  17. What's wrong with the dragon? i need something nice and portable so basically the zong wont work cuz some people said its low quality. thanks for info bubbleerjsp. if i want anything with water i can basically stick to my homemmade stuff lol
  18. Chunky Glass Pipes blows. I waited two and a half months for mine (mainly cuz I forgot about it) and finally emailed them asking about my pieces and they said they had canceled it. Luckily my money was refunded. I would never buy from them.
  19. lol dont order from that site i havent heard one good review for it. all bad.

    and dont tell us so blatantly your under 18, you have to be 18 just to be on here brah
  20. Well, he could he 18 and still not be able to buy them. Here in Ontario the age of majority is 18, but to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol it is 19 (which includes buying any smoking devices). So don't assume that he is under 18. :p

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