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Choice of Bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Purple-Urple, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. I was looking online and thinking about getting another bong. I love bongs so much that i already have 2 now i need 1 more :hello: . Only thing is i am very picky about bongs and the headshops around here just got closed down because of selling some shit that they werent suppose to.:(

    So i was wondering what kind of bongs you guys like the best. I was going to spend around 200-300 bucks maybe a perc or a roor ( i don't know, never smoked out of either of them before). Also about 2' tall

    Reply with what kind of bong and maybe if you smoked out of one before, tell me how it hits compared to regular bongs.
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  3. All headshops in kansas are about to be shut down. There is a guy that is going around kansas and getting people to sign potitions for people to shut down headshops to stop paraphenalia in kansas. Stupid ass bible belt. I hate it. So while everybody else is getting marijuana legalized and moving forward into the future. We are going backwards and going back to the stone ages. Anyway.....

    I was really thinkg about the roor but what are some of the other brands of bongs out there. I know there has to be tons. If you can list a site or list brands that would help. Thx
  4. PHX,ehle, just browse the gc shop, this isnt only a forum you know:p
  5. ive already looked at pretty much every single glass piece on this website and i am not really impressed. like i said i am picky. Also i talked with one of the guys at gc and they said it would take like a month for it to get here. Pffffff. Ya right a month thats rediculous.

    All i really need to know is what brands are out there and i can find them myself.
  6. roor
    Kind creations
    blue dot
  7. thats terrible about the headshops! You should get back at him by having them sign a pettition that says people are not alowed to rape kids and then just change it to say that churches should be closed down.
  8. Ya i know, I almost want to move out of this state because of this guy going around (acting like his an apposal or something). I talked to the headshop in town and they said that they were going to start there own potition to let them stay open. Only thing is is that you have to have more people sign that want it to stay then people that want it to get the hell out of town. So with over 10,000 people signed to kick them out hopefully we can overcome those christian bastards. Pot heads rule:hello:

    Thx brew for the brands list, thats exactly what i needed. Been looking around and saw a website Was wondering if anybody knew about this website. Part of there website doesnt even work ( like the info of themselfs and dislcaimers are broken links).
  9. Ya i just checked out weedcity seems like a pretty good site. Are you sure they ship to the US though cause their prices are in euros.
  10. Id really like to buy a wicked new piece too, Im just trying to find one worth buying. Will grasscity ship to Pittsburgh?
  11. yes they do ship to the united states. It might take a while though depending on what kind of glass you order. If you order Any magic glass don't expect to get your order until a 4-6weeks.:( .

    I am looking at this website right now. and they have a wide selection with a contact info and phone number to call them at. They have a good selection of roor and G-spot bongs. The one that i am looking at is the 5.0 ice chamber cyclinder (gold). Very nice and in my price range. Thinking about getting a roor pre-cooler too. Those things are so awsome. i smoked out of one yesterday and i have to have one. Makes it feel like there is two filtrations inside the bong.

    WEEDCITY------Does not look like they are open anymore. i called the number on there website and it said that that number has been disconected. so i wouldnt but from them unless you want hassle
  12. If you're looking for a nice GonG perc piece, might I suggest Kind Creations here in Colorado.

    You can get whatever you want, they don't come off an assembly line.

    You get a lot of glass for the money too.
  13. Yah EDIT has really good prices on roors. The best thing about edit is that no onther website does. You can order a custom RooR, made right from germany. But about the bong subjet. Nothing compares to a RooR with two diffusors and an icecatcher with an ashcatcher. NOTHING!!!!!!!
  14. wow i never even thought of that set up. Wish i could buy all those things for the roor bong, but roor is so expensive. The one that really looks cool is like 700 dollars. I will look around some more and search some of your guys ideas.

    Also: I was looking at Kind Creations and they don't have really any pictures of there bongs or products. Do you have to call them and get there listed prices or is there a website that i am not finding?

    What other bong brands do you guys like?? Post up
  15. I finally made my choice of my next bong. i never owned a roor and now my baby is on the way.

    I ordered the Dealers Cup 5.0 White Roor with the 18.8 diffuser and carbon filter adapter. this thing is going to be so milky white you'll think its a glass of milk!

    Can't wait for this to come in. I decided with my price range that i can bump it up another 100 dollars and spend a totla of $420.:) . I will have pics up in about a week of the milk shot.

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