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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by McAttak, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. This shit was very dank had a really sweet smell I loved it


  2. Wow that looks like...yeah.
  3. Daaaaaammnnnnn
  4. Holy fuck that looks Dank! Never had tha pleasure of smokin this strain,enjoy man:smoke:
  5. welcome to gc , dank trees too
  6. Keep that seed right next to the stem in the second picture and grow some of your own dog. Looks pretty bomb
  7. looks like bukkake buds or some shit
  8. mmmmmmmmmm hell yeah man. does it got that sweet almost chocolatey taste to it? one of my favorite strains for sure.
  9. Yeah it really did have the sweetest taste iv ever had and almost never choked me up unless I was rippin it through the bong its definitely one of my favorites just wish it would come around more often
  10. i had some local outdoor chocolope not all that long ago. really great strain, very distinct smell too.
  11. God dude I had this strain just a couple weeks ago, thinking about it now and I can just taste it in my mouth... DAMN was that shit delicious! An all time favorite for sure.
  12. I've had Chocolope before. Not the best high but the taste made up for it.


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