Chocolope Harvest Week 10

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  1. DNA Genetics Chocolope Reg
    Secret Jardin Darkroom 120 Tent
    1000 watt Hortilux HPS
    3.4 Gallon Air pots
    FF Soil
    FF Trio Nutes
    Vegged for 3 weeks
    Flowered for 10 weeks
    Fed molasses only for the last week
    Carbon filter is a must for this strain when flowering. The smell was VERY strong.

    Chocolopes were a pleasure to grow. I fed them a slightly more diluted solution than the FF called for every 4-6 days. They were never picky about feedings, and displayed no issues whatsoever through the entire grow.
    Very heavy on trichromes, and the buds are very dense. I started LST around the 2nd week of vegging, and both plants responded very well. I probably could have let them go another week, but I needed the room for my BF LSD girls that just hit the 12/12 cycle. The smell is intoxicating, and almost candy like, but extremely strong. I broke a branch off one of my plants a few weeks ago, and after 5 days of drying, and 10-12 days in the jar I tried a few bowls. Chocolope is a very heady, but motivating high that is perfect for day time toking. The smoke is extremely smooth with a very coffee like inhale, but fruity exhale. The high lasted a while, and I never felt stoned, just very aware.
    I would recommend this to anyone looking to grow a potent, flavorful strain, but not looking to break the wallet on seeds.

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  2. That looks and sounds mighty tasty! hold on, let me wipe the drool from my chin. nice work! +rep
  3. I want some! Nice grow bro. So jealous!
  4. Thanks, fellas. I'm extremely excited about the harvest, and can't wait for the 2 month cure to be over.
  5. Gorgeous, I've got 3 Chocolope seedlings in right now, so I'm pumped looking at your pics & hearing your review! How much did you end up with dry btw?

  6. They are a pleasure to grow... As far as yield goes, it was somewhere around 3.5 oz per plant. Out of 2 plants I ended up with just over 7 oz.
  7. Looks great. I strain a really would like to grow. Did a great job, and you ryield sounds ballin, Nice grow man.
  8. I've always wanted to grow some chocolope, it looks gorgeous
  9. how's the cure going?
  10. Pretty awesome! It is definitely ready to go, but another week or two and it will be killer.
  11. Ive smoked that strain once came from a colorado dispens.Lookin good

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