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Chocolate tye smoking oil concentrate

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PDubya, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. My last post I wasnt clear enough and people thought I was talking about salvia or other stupid stuff.

    My question is: anybody ever try the chocolate tye oil concentrate or any products similiar and would be willing to give a review. Would rather ask around before I waste $35.

  2. That really depends.. are you talking a hash oil type concentrate from 'Chocolate Thai', as in the somewhat rare strain of cannabis? Or a 'legal' alternative, that is not cannabis?

    If it's the real-deal from a clinic, or from a friend, then it's well worth it (although perhaps just a tad pricey, if it's for one gram)!

    If it's the stuff from a gas-station, then it's a waste of time, often quite toxic, and its discussion is not allowed here. :eek:
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    Not from gas station. Their are a couple websites that sell a concentrate of all natural ingredients (cocoa, peppermint and so on). I tryed tasty puff product but it tasted like hairspray on my bud. If posting other websites is allowed I will link the website.Legal Bud - Herbal Smoke Shop: smoking oils and extracts
  4. Stay away from that any legal high that they advertise is not cannabis
  5. If it's legal herbal extracts, don't get it...if it's the Cannabis strain known as Chocolate Thai...Hop on that shit, I bought some from a friend who grows it and it was bomb as f*ck
  6. I believe op is talking about an oil you put on your bud to change its taste.
  7. If chocolate tye is some form of bho, as I imagine, go for it. 35 is not a bad price for well made concentrates. Just be wary of under purged oil.
  8. #8 PDubya, Mar 14, 2012
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    Has no thc additives... The bud I have is already awesome. Just sick of the taste( buddy grows so I pay nothing for bud ). Really just lookin for the flavor. Pretty much lookin for an all natural chocolate extract that taste good and burns good.

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