Chocolate Cream Clone Journey

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  1. This is the 11th day of flower on the Chocolate Cream Clones. Growing in 5gal smart pots, FFOF soil amended with kelp meal, worm castings, tomato tone, greensand, hi cal dolomite lime and additional perlite, Using recharge, calmag, and FF Big Bloom and Mammoth P. Under 1000w Hps. 5 plants. IMG_0226.JPG IMG_0229.JPG Thats momma on the left!!!!
    IMG_0230.JPG IMG_0227.JPG IMG_0228.JPG IMG_0229.JPG
  2. 14th day of flower and the kids got a haircut tonite, trimmed all the lower crap off and did a nice top dress of bat guano and greensand they will like it tomorrow when they get a watering of recharge and mammoth P. IMG_0265.JPG IMG_0266.JPG IMG_0267.JPG IMG_0268.JPG IMG_0269.JPG
  3. 19th day of flower and think she is still stretching a bit, but man she is starting to mass it on for her age. These pictures were actually taken yesterday so 18th day lol. IMG_0293.JPG IMG_0294.JPG IMG_0295.JPG
  4. 24th day of flower they got a nice drink today chalk full of good stuff, Recharge,mammothp,bigbloom cal/mag and dash of epsome salt and some microbial brew. Starting to frost up better then momma did. IMG_0319.JPG IMG_0320.JPG IMG_0321.JPG IMG_0322.JPG
  5. Day 28 of flower, they are a little droopy as i have intentionally waited a few extra days to water them, noticed when i dug up momma roots were a little brown so think i over watered her so gonna go a few extra day on these between waterings. IMG_0334.JPG IMG_0335.JPG IMG_0336.JPG
    This will be the next bunch to goto flower, guessing another couple weeks under the LED vegging and in they go. IMG_0337.JPG
  6. Day 34 of flower half way home, they look a little starved for N so did a top dress of some bat guano to hopefully correct it and few showing some cal/mag def will correct that tomorrow with good dose in the watering other then that all is well. IMG_0339.JPG IMG_0340.JPG
    Next round of clones coming along nicely as well
  7. Day 45 of flower for first set of clones and day 1 for 2nd set The tent is full. IMG_0357.JPG IMG_0358.JPG
  8. Lights out pics
    IMG_0360.JPG IMG_0361.JPG IMG_0362.JPG IMG_0363.JPG
  9. Nice grow bro!
    That mammoth p is some expensive stuff isn’t it?
    How big is your tent?
  10. Thanks and yes the MP is stupid expensive lol, my tent is a 9x4 and i believe 82" tall pretty big here it is finally full :)
    IMG_0358 - Copy.JPG
  11. Day 49 and its been a tough 2 days, discovered one of my plants some how got some spider mites carefully gave the fan leafs a spray of capt jacks and introduced 300 ladybugs to the tent, only have 2 weeks left and hope they can curb the issue hopefully. Especially since we just put new plants in there to start flower, fingers crossed, have also lowered the temps to keep the tent around 75 degrees lights on and in the upper 60s lights out they say this keeps the mites from reproducing so we will see. IMG_0376.JPG IMG_0377.JPG IMG_0378.JPG IMG_0379.JPG
  12. Day 52 of flower and they are fatting up nicely, the second set of clones are really stretching now as well and starting to flower day 7 for them. some of the buds are so heavy they are falling over prob will get some yo yos for the second set as i topped those 2 times and should have alot more tops. Prob hopefully harvest these next weekend. IMG_0384.JPG IMG_0385.JPG IMG_0387.JPG IMG_0388.JPG IMG_0389.JPG IMG_0390.JPG
  13. hell ya lookin good!
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  14. Thanks just smoked a joint of it from my last harvest, one of the strongest high's ive ever experienced in 48 years lol Gorilla Glue is only one i have had thats stronger.
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  15. I am already mellow so I stay away from herb like that lol. Or just take a puff or two off my vape lol. I have some white widow seeds going. Can’t wait to try them when they’re done
  16. Day 56 for 5 day 11 for the others, all is looking well and will prob harvest them sunday. IMG_0407.JPG IMG_0408.JPG IMG_0409.JPG IMG_0410.JPG IMG_0411.JPG
  17. Day 59 and day 14, have decided to let the mature ones go an extra week to fatten up a little more most trichs are cloudy others are clear, zero amber. IMG_0418.JPG IMG_0419.JPG IMG_0420.JPG IMG_0421.JPG IMG_0422.JPG
  18. Day 62 and Day 17 of round 2 lol, the girls are done!!!!! will chop them starting sat and finish sunday gonna be lots of trimming to do. all the fan leafs are dieing and looking horrible but its what they do when you are finishing. IMG_0423.JPG IMG_0424.JPG IMG_0425.JPG IMG_0426.JPG IMG_0427.JPG IMG_0428.JPG IMG_0429.JPG
  19. Well let harvest weekend begin lol couple shots of first plant we are chopping, cola's so heavy they are falling over lol IMG_0430.JPG IMG_0431.JPG IMG_0432.JPG IMG_0433.JPG IMG_0434.JPG
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  20. plant number 2 coming down IMG_0436[1].JPG

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