Chocolate bacon cake or...

Discussion in 'General' started by ByePhilipe, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Cookies all day, send me the cake please ;)

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  2. Cookies. But bacon cookies wth? And cake eww
  3. They turned out terrible, okay?

    I'm so sad. I wanted to make something awesome that he would love and they suck.

    : (

  4. You mixed bacon... with cookies... or cake.. What did you expect rofl?

    Salty pig flavored, and sugary sweet flavors, do NOT go together lol.
  5. There are those really good bacon donut things at that one place. Saw it on food network lol

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  6. Make caramelized Bacon
  7. I would have just stuck with cannabutter cake & hash oil frosting
  8. You should make him this stuff my aunt used to cook for breakfast called bacon. It's sooo good.
  9. That shit you used to eat back in the day?
  10. Cake would be too much and if you make the cookies crunchy as well as the bacon it actually doesn't sound too bad

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