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Chocolate bacon cake or...

Discussion in 'General' started by ByePhilipe, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Should I make Chocolate bacon cake or Chocolate bacon cookies for a guy?

    I like the cookies idea because they are portable. With cake you have to get a fork and plate which equals dishes. I do however think the cake will be more fun to bake because I get to frost it and everything.

    What do you guys think? I only have a couple hours until I will have to start making it.

    I will post a picture once I'm done : )

    I just hope that his tummy is impressed.
  2. Neither, make maple syrup donuts with bacon on top

    But between the other two.. I think cake would be better
  3. Unfair. I've already narrowed it down.
  4. BACON CAKE!!! the dishes will be worth it..Fuckk yeaa
    Save me a piece :cool:
  5. A glass of water and vegetables.
  6. Good choice.
  7. dont get me wrong i love some bacon, cake, and cookies. but together..... thats terrible!! back to the cook book!
  8. I think it's a winning combination. It doesn't seem like its the most tasty but it's gonna be awesome. Have you ever had pig candy? It's bacon covered in brown sugar? Damn it's delicious.
  9. I didn't know bacon and cake went together until you made this thread to be honest. Usually I forget about cooking when I'm stoned so I stopped doing it.
  10. Have some respect for chocolate, leave the bacon out!
  11. I'm more of a bacon fan than a chocolate fan actually. The chocolate is simply complimenting the bacon.

  12. You sick fuck! Haha jk, I'm just not a bacon fan (weird I know)..and I freaking love chocolate. :smoking:
  13. Bacon cake? Sounds iffy.

    I'd go with a few pounds of straight bacon
  14. Cake f'sho. Cookies would be good too, but the easy way out.
  15. I just had a blt..wish I would've dipped it in chocolate *tear*
    totally forgot..
  16. I'm not sure how that would work out because there's mayo and lettuce and tomato. I don't think that would work will with chocolate. BUT, you seem like an adventurous girl so go for it.
  17. I chose cookies.. and I don't know why
  18. It turned out disgusting. I don't know why I think im rachael ray or something
  19. haha nice. It sounded fucked to begin with

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