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Choco-lope (Chocolate + Cantelope)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by nuggyy, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Hey I just picked up a Dub of this Choco-lope. it's a really fruity/chocolaty/ really smooth bud. Wondering if anyone has heard of this before. Picked this up in Washington the great Pacific North West
  2. Cannalope ;) haha

    Looks pretty nice though. I've had a batch that smelled like cocoa when you broke it down... tasted very good
  3. yeah im pretty sure it won at the cannibus cup before.
    my buddy grew some but it wasn't anything primo. he didn't do it properly.
  4. little leafy but still looks like it will knock you the fuck out aha
  5. Yeah this shit puts you on your ass. very very crystally.
  6. ...doesn't look above average at all, but if its fire, its fire
  7. it is the first time when I see that recipe... I will try it
  8. The first time I had chocolope it was out in Amsterdam, at Grey Area if I think right.
    Was great, got a gram of it at first. Came back later to get another.

    And also a couple months ago my connect had some in as well.

    great stuff. Loved the taste

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