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Chlorophyll removal

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by LashDog, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Does anyone know how to remove chlorophyll from the chop before making oil?
  2. A seven day water cure. You put your cannabis in a container with plenty of room for water. Change the water at least once a day, more often in the first few days is good. Then dry the cannabis. I put mine into a colander with a fan blowing over the wet buds. For oil you want to make sure your buds are dry. If you want an active, get you high oil, decarb for 40 minutes at 240F. If you're making BHO for smoking no decarb is necessary. Good luck, mate.
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  3. Thanks I was thinking that it was water soluble and could be removed as you described.
  4. Chemists refer to water as the "universal solvent" because it will dissolve almost anything.
    Although the solubility of thc in water is very small, it's not zero.
    The solubility of terpenes and other beneficial compounds is probably unknown, but certainly greater than zero.
    There will be a saturated solution of cannabinoids dissolved in the water the herb soaks in.
    Every time the water is changed, those cannabinoids are discarded, and more water is added, and it's able to dissolve more cannabinoids that the saturated solution couldn't.

    The drying out of the water-soaked herb is another part of the procedure that can lose more volatile material than a traditional cure.

    I don't know how big they are, but there will be losses from a water cure. Even if the vast majority of thc is preserved, we have no idea what else might be getting lost. If the losses are small, this could be a great method, if they're large, probably not.
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  5. I've always been quite satisfied with my water cured cannabis. Makes for better tasting edibles and a smoother smoke. Bkarnaze, everything you say may be true, but water curing has been tried and true for some applications. Of course if you don't want to leech out terpenes or anything besides nasties I wouldn't do it- but to remove chlorophyll- I don't know any other methods. I know you're not talking about trichomes, but I filter all water I pour off and never get anything in the filter, I know that doesn't mean beneficial compounds may not be lost in the water. For me in certain situations the water cure is worthwhile.
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  6. I just want to get rid of the green taste in the coconut oil I use for edibles, so I going to give it a try. All I can lose is 10 grams of trim.
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  7. Mate, it will work fine for that. Don't forget to decarb and definitely enjoy!
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