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Chlorophyll intolerance [info]

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Chechocolate, May 30, 2019.

  1. Dear community,

    thank you for your help with my tincture a few weeks ago. You gave me the last missing piece which is the realization that chlorophyll is indeed causing light to severe stomach pain and cramps - at least when I consume it.

    This phenomenon occured to me multiple times over the last years with absolute reliability. The problem has been that because of the different forms of consuming (eating directly in a cookie / cooking with butter / making a tincture ) I couldn´t see it.

    I found various articles talking about a general health problem caused by THC, but never about chlorophyll. So if you experience stomach aches and or cramps and or digestive problems when eating weed laced sustenance, you might have the same problem as I had.

    Note that no one of my friends or acquaintances had any issues with the same edibles I ate, so I feel like it is not common to experience problems.

    That is why I want to state this here even more, as I found it hard to find the answer to it.

    Anyway, now you know and therefore you can focus on making a cold extraction for your tincture to avoid extracting the clorophyll and plant waxes altogether - I did it and now it finally works without any problems, despite the dry mouth that is :biggrin:

    Take care and have fun with it!
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