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  1. does anyone have any documented proof or expert opinions on the effects of chlorine on plants?????

    Cuz, as with so many other things, there is a lot of contradicting information out there.
  2. so no one knows for sure????

    everyone's just waiting 24 hours for their chlorine to evaporate for shits and giggles??? :D;)
  3. i've always read what you're talking about, but have always used r/o myself. chlorine does take 24 hrs. or so to dissipate. chloramine will not dissipate. some cities are now using chloramine. maybe someone here has done some experimenting with chlorinated water.
  4. y do u r/o and was the kit expensive??? I read somewhere that after the plants are established chlorine isnt bad for them - Ill try to find the documentation. thnx 4 the response Im wondering if the chlorine thing is like an urban myth lol
  5. Im thinking the calcium in hard water is worse than the chlorine, still havent found ANY proof that chlorine is bad for your plants. Not saying its not tho.
  6. Reverse osmosis is by far the best, but you can reduce sediment ppm and eradicate chlorine and chloramine by running the water through an inline carbon filter, they're cheap at home depot and if you can't use an osmosis sys, it's the next best thing. I take my tap water from 300ppm to 120ppm by running it through the filter.

    But about the effect of chlorine/chloramine on plants, like I said I used chlorinated water for a year or two, with no filter or anything, on flood tables, with no ill result, I actually got quite good yields..
  7. Chlorine is horrible for plants. It almost killed my garden 6 weeks ago. I finally worked out the problem. An everything is blooming now. :D

    Edit:Well it didn't almost kill them but it slowed the growth a whole bunch. An the plants wouldn't take up nitrogen when the water had chlorine in it. I figured out what the problem was. It is fixed now. :D
  8. how do you know it was chorine that was damaging your plants??

    I think a certain ammount of chlorine is needed by plants. I really do. I think I read that somewhere. Does anyone have any evidence that I can research?? Opinions are cool, but Ive already heard the consensus that it is bad, that is why I posed the question in the first place.
  9. Just typing "chlorine plants" in google gives me a bazillion links.

    The first one, from a PhD student who searched the web and paper sources, sumarizes it as "BAD WITH SUFFICIENT CONCENTRATION/EXPOSURE!!!"

    There's a reason it's used to sterilize swimming pools and drinking water, and as nerve gas in world war I.

    Anyway, anything is bad in sufficiently high quantities. Too much fluoride, which is in toothpaste and sometimes in drinking water, will destroy your teeth and gums.

    It even provides a source of research studies into its effects:
    Tree Damage From Chlorine Gas: A Selected Bibliography
    by Dr. Kim D. Coder, University of Georgia School of Forest Resources June 2004

    Calling your local or state university horticultural department will provide even more info.

    Here is the third link in google... first 3 don't work, the last one says it is an essential element to plants. Of course, that means very very little, no clue whether typical tap water has too much. You can run your own simple experiment and grow some plants and observe its effects.

  10. Stoners make simple things complicated:).

    Easy answer is that if your water taste good to you it will taste good to your plants. I use tap water, goes directly from the tap to my res, no sitting for 24 hrs, no nothing.

    In DWC applications I would say yes, let it sit for 24 hrs.

    Your local water utility should mail you a quaterly report, they usaly show the amount of chlorine, iron, mag, ect in your tap water. In high concentrations yes chlorine will kill your plants, but your not using pool water that has enough chlorine to kill the germs when little jimmy pisses in the pool because he doesnt want to get out.
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  11. Heres the best way to put it. Chlorine is a disinfectant, meaning it kills organisms. It stings your eyes and burns your nose because it is, in fact, killing you very very slowly. It doesnt care if you are a molecule of timmy's piss or if you are a molecule of plant matter, it will break it down, and effectively neutralize it. In my eyes, there is never a reason to put something into your soil that is only going to cause harm, and there really isn't any good excuse not to be able to let water sit out. So sure, you dont have to let it sit out, but how much would it suck to kill your plant just because you didn't feel like distilling water.

    edit- timmys piss is from above if anyone is incredibly confused.

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