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Chiropractor Completely Messed up my Back

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BigDaddyD, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Whatsup Grasscity, I hope you're aches and pains are doing somewhat well. Sadly for me my already hurt back, I pulled muscle and stretched it trying to lift a pool cover out of a pool that was filling up fast. Been about 1 week now since that day and I went to go see my local chiropractor for a general check up and also because my back was acting up a bit.

    Dr. does his thing with the cracking and does a certain technique where I'm on my side and legs are crossed and he basically pushes down and twists my back a little using my tail bone area.

    The pain was relieved for a good hour or so after the adjustment, but as I was chilling at my friend R's house I started to feel some pain. It kept on coming stronger and stronger to the point where when I finally left to come back home I was barely able to move any parts of my torso no more than literally 2-3 inches max.

    I had some relief before smoking a lot of herb and I don't want to go to sleep tonight because it will probably make my back hurt worse in the morning. So bout to pop a Addy 30XR to stay up for the night to continue my medication to fix what that dumbass chiropractor ended up doing to me.

    For real I've passed kidney stones and had multiple breaks and sprains but this back pain is actually severe enough for me to make a thread about it. Hurts like hell :( , thank god I have lots of medicine :smoking:
  2. isnt it possible to sue over that? not saying you should or its worth it, im just curious. id call and try and atleast get your money back or something, or a free visit. not sure you would want to go back there though. haha
  3. There's honestly nothing I really can do. Practically every place besides EMO and the Hospital are closed tomorrow(sunday) if the pain's still as bad as it is now on monday I'm deff going to my doctor to get something to really help me out, not stupid ole nsaids that after taking 2 of them for my back did nothing
  4. I have degenerative disk disease and I go to a physical therapist twice a week.
    I know your back problem is wayy different but you should see a physical therapist too! Their solutions are less aggressive and should help much more :)
  5. Lol I would but what's going on now is only temporary hopefully, it was a new chiropractor, my original dude wasn't in today :(

  6. well hopefully it gets better!
    back problems are not fun :rolleyes:
  7. Been having on and off back problems since I was a young kid, possibly 8 years old if I recall....this is deff the worst of any of it but luckily I'm prepared

  8. Ouchhh!
  9. All started last monday when I had to save a pool cover from being completely under water, must've had 100+ lbs of water inside it and getting that out was the worst decision ever
  10. I don't feel like going through all that trouble, I mean would it be worth it? I doubt this is a permanent thing anyway
  11. Free moneys! If you don't want it I could always find a charity for you to donate it to. Just send it to me, I'll take care of the rest.

  12. Last monday? Thats quite some time, and the chiropractor only aggravated it. Hmm you should hit up a doctor on monday for sure! That is if the pain persists!
  13. Good-Ole Mary Jane is the only thing working, my Dr. prescribed my naproxen last tuesday which I took 2 of earlier which did nothing at all. Damn..hurts like a bitch even when I'm skyhigh :cry:

  14. Thats no good.
    My back always feels spiffy after I toke!

  15. You should try a good pain reliever, like OxyContin...
  16. I so really wish man, it's 3:35 AM no one is available plus no $$, spent it on this AMAZING indica which is starting to ease the pain a bit.

    I tried laying down in my bed before to sleep but that was to no avail, I broke down to tears the pain was so incredibly over whelming. This really.fucking.sucks.GC. :mad:
  17. Ah, damn man I'm sorry to hear that, that's no good. Indicas can help with pain too, so I hope you've got some major couch lock going on. If the pain doesn't subside I would check into going to a doctor tomorrow. Any aching pain that makes you cry needs to be checked out. Unless you're one of those HXC types.

  18. Aw thats horrible. what part of your back hurts?

  19. Upper Mid section of my back right below my shoulder(packing bowls hurt me just as much as smoking it cures me :(

    All the places are closed tomorrow, it's sunday and only the EMO and hospital are available and that's something I don't plan on doing if I can just get hiiigh

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