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  1. Yeah if only there was more gun control that would solve the problem! Gangs and bullshit thug culture and poverty have nothing to do with it.
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  2. At least the Iraqis had a (slightly) unified fight and goal.

    Can't say the same for all the trap queens and cap blasters in Chicago.

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  3. Prime example of how well gun control works. When I lived in Illinois I worked in repo houses on the south side deep in the ghetto and had cops ask me what the fuck I was doing down there without a gun. I told them that I carry a hickory framing hammer and a fixed blade knife cause carrying guns is illegal there. They said that if I'm a white guy in that hood who is working and they saw I had a gun they wouldn't say shit.
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  4. My city isnt any different here in rockford illinois. 14 yr olds shooting each other and what not. I think we've had 12 murders so far this year
  5. I wouldn't take their word for that, Johnny. I think if cops can make an easy bust they'll do it, maybe not the guy you talked to but one of them would love to fuck you over.
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  6. yup...I live about 75 miles from chicago. Illinois is about to declare bankruptcy. Another former bastion of "democratic glory" down the tubes...
  7. Chicago is the victim of decades of inept democratic leadership and GUN-FREE zones people. If you think stronger gun laws would stop this stuff, you're a fool. Give the innocent people the chance to defend themselves from these lawless gangs and see what happens then. Chicago is what happens when you deny the public the right to defend itself from criminals because no matter how many laws you might enact, you'll never get the guns out of their hands. If you can't get the guns from the criminals, what gives you the right to take them from me....a lawful gun owner, well trained to use my weapon and with NO record of gun violence in my 53 years of life? Gun control is just one more ignorant argument that puts MORE power in the hands of government and takes away power from the common citizen. But you can't get to pure socialism, their goal, unless you get control of the people. Taking away any defense they might have is just one rung on the ladder to achieving their dream. They've already screwed up the public education system. Otherwise, you wouldn't have people graduating high school after 12-13 yrs of public education, who CANNOT READ. The only hope for Chicago is that it's people get smart and realize they've been taken for a ride for a few decades and desperately need a change in leadership. TWW
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  8. We all know that. I would trust some dude in a van that has ”free candy" spray painted on the side over any cop, let alone a chi pig.
    Amen to every last word of that!
  9. great stuff here tww!
    The education system is a joke right now! they are too busy teaching kids now about how evil everyone is, and how horrible the united states is. Its fucking crazy! Gun control is and always was the biggest joke of an argument. All you have to do is look at the states that allow open carry, and the areas that allow carrying, why are there no crimes there but always in "gun free zones". Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.
    I grew up around guns, shot my first one when I was really young, and been a hunter/fisher/outdoorsman my entire life (little less now due to my fucked up back) but out of all the guns I have owned, held or fired, none of them have fired by themselves...ever. Its so strange!
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  10. The life of man .. ... solitary, poor, nasty, brutish .. and short.
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    Lol I've never had any problems with Chicago. ik a lot of people over there.
  12. Try going to the hood as a white guy who doesn't look like he belongs there.
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    Lol yea I don't agree with how those people are to others who come into the hood. Something like that happened to me in New Orleans a while back and I was forced to defend my self just because I was not from there...have you had a bad experience in Chicago?
  14. I was on a flight from DC about 3 months ago and there was a flight going out to Chicago right next to my gate.
    I sat around waiting at my gate and a dude from Chicago was nearby so just by proximity, we got to talking over about an hour.

    At the danger of offending the politically sensitive, I'll describe this guy because I feel it's pertinent to the story.
    Black dude, well over 6 foot, 240lbs, and dressed in loose fit jeans and Timbs. He had a few tats, and actually was in the industry as a promoter for a few FL / IL rap groups. If I had to compare this guy to anyone looks wise, it would be Suge Knight.


    This dude was Chicago born and bred. No snowflake of any conceivable sort, and even he said he tries to stay out of the south side as much as possible. He wasn't glorifying it in any way. He was straight up pointing out how insane and senseless it has become.

    It used to be you can get shot for real beef, now you get gunned down for a slice of ham.
    Before we get to policing another country elsewhere, maybe first let's calm down the war zone that is Chicago USA.
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  15. Yeah, look at my older posts on this thread, I think I already talked about it.
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  16. sorry to hear that man I would not wish it on anyone :(
  17. I know in Watts, California, if you turn into the wrong alley you could easily be killed and mugged.

    Just how it is in the hood, gotta be careful.
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  19. Imagine being a white dude who works in the hood and wears a uniform that looks similar to a police uniform. Most of the time there's no problem, but all it takes is one time. Whenever we get called for an evaluation for the police, half the time the people don't even care that I'm not a cop, all they see is a uniform and a badge. It doesn't matter that we're there to help, some people just don't give a fuck. Thankfully I haven't had many issues like that, but there have been a few times where people will just treat me like shit because I'm both white and wearing a uniform. But like I said, most of the time people are fairly respectful.

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