CHIPPY...poor bird!

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    there was a bird named chippy sitting in its cage when the new owner decided the cage needed cleaned out. she, not knowing anything about birds got the vacume cleaner out. After she opened the cage she put the hose in its cage and turner it on. she heard the phone, which frightened her and she turned for a slight secound as she did she heard a noise. chippy got sucked into the vacume cleaner. she ripped the bag open and found the bird. she decided that chippy needed to be cleaned off, so she took him in the bathroom and filled up the sink. when she got him clean she saw he was shivering so she got out her hair dryer and put it on full blast. later when she was asked about the bird and how it was doing she said " WELL, CHIPPY DOESNT SING MUCH ANYMORE"

  2. You know this is the humor forum, not the sick, twisted real life near birddeath experiences forum?

  3. dam* i forgot .... my bad.....

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