chipotle appreciation thread

Discussion in 'General' started by 420420420, May 18, 2006.

  1. I hope you are blessed with a chipotle in your town

    I love the place, great when your baked

    anyone agree?
  2. holy shit man, chipotle is amazing!!

    going in there ripped and downing a burrito with chips and salsa is just to fucking good. i walk out with such a full stomach, i can't even describe it.

    and it's not even that expensive, which is great. and they have very very good food products, like each of their meats is great. i could each one by itself and be happy, but then to put it all together the way they do.

    it's like a subway of really really good mexican food.
  3. Yeah, we just got one, suuuuuuuper tasty.:D
  4. I have discovered the key to salvation:

    3 soft tacos

    mild sauce
    a lot of tabasco
  5. I'll try that next time i go. I got one like 10 minutes from my crib. I might smoke a bowl or 2 and head over there right now! :smoke:
  6. that's a wonderful idea
  7. I think thats a part of Burger King who was bought out by someone else. But anyway That someone else just had a 100+ million IPO open on the stock exchange. good day to make money on that stock today, and it was based on a new approch in the food market with chipotle.
  8. I don't think they have those where I live... never seen one :/
  9. thats really sad.

    Big ass burrito, makes my fucking day. But that shit isn't an all the time kind of place.
  10. oh man chipotle is fucking like spreading like a wildfire here.

    Last year, i mean like, not even 10 months ago, the first one around here opened up on mall road. THE only one around here, there are now 6 within 20 miles of my house, one off of almost every exit.
  11. ...I have chipotle BBQ sauce..:hello:
  12. I think Chipotles owned by McDonalds. I've nevver had it but I'm more in to authentic mexican.
  13. never even heard of it. I don't like mexcian food much... so i guess im not missing out.
  14. I've heard of it, but we don't have any.

    We DO have California Tortilla....which is a bangin fastfood-ish taco place!!!

  15. I am allmost possitive its owened by the same company (pacific somebody company) they bought up all the Burger kings and got rid of all the nonproductive BK and was filling the system with Chipotles.Go look on NYSE. The biggest IPO since Dominos back in the early 2000(maybe 2002).

    U were right Bong, it is McD's. BK launched an $400 million IPO against . But Chipotles is still a great buy in the stock market.
  16. From Wikipedia - " McDonald's Corporation used to own a majority interest in Chipotle (69%). Full divestment was completed in October of 2006."

    Anyways I just wanted to bring this thread because of my love for Chipotle. I have two near my house and end up going there twice a week now, I'm hooked on this place.
  17. Freebirds smokes chipotle like a doobie. I'll give you the carnitas and the barbacoa at chipotle, but the mexican rice, queso, refried beans, grilled vegetables, and flavored tortillas at freebirds take the cake.
  18. why do you get the big signature

    they deleted mine and i had to make a smalle one :(
  19. haha i was goin to paste that exact same line
    they don't have those up here in canada, at least i don't think so.
  20. I've never had it.

    Around here, i jus gotta go to Puerto Rican Town (slang for the neighborhood where there is nothin but mexicans and puerto ricans) and get some bangin spanish food. I fuckin love those places, little hole-in-the-wall joints that make the best food.

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