chinook haze gps indoor grow plant numero uno

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  1. this one is a tangerine leaning pheno and its fire i smoked about a dime in a joint after drying it and damn im still high asf and im used to smoking alot of indica doms or hybrids and the high is purely sativa.
    heres her a few days before chop 068.JPG
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  2. and heres some nuggage got around 40gs solid

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  3. good lookin smoke man, any left or is it long gone?
  4. lol i smoked all that i had 5 plants of the strain all different phenos 2 regrew themselves hmm
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  5. oh yes i can confirm my outdoor dreamcatcher and chinook haze are regrowing themselves with more bud sites than before its crazy
  6. sativa pheno is the first pic this sweet smelling more indica style pheno was my favorite yield half oz in a 2 liter bottle lol and the 1 gallon container sativa dom yielded 25 grams porn 003.JPG 021.JPG 020.JPG

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