Chinese Teen Allegedly Beaten To Death In Camp (After being there for 2 days)

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  1. Chinese teen allegedly beaten to death at camp

  2. Damn, what the fuck?

    I would have killed the fuck out of the instructor who beat MY child. (If I were my child, and I was chinese)

    Thats just wrong, whats the world coming to?

  3. Well she's part of the problem for sending him there in the first place.
  4. fucking asian parents r the worst
  5. It is partly her fault, but I doubt she realized her son was going to be killed at "Camp."
  6. Chinas fucked up
  7. Holy shit...

    that's terrible.


    it is absolutely terrible though to think that only one case out of so many schools currently open has only been reported is just unthinkable
  9. Shits fucked up man, shouldn't beat a kid to death because he refuses to run. Even if it is a camp designed to help people get off web addiction.
  10. Ohh China. You crazy muthafuckas.
  11. Man shit like this is no good....what the fuck would compel a grown man to beat up a kid. Outrageous China, you've done it again. :mad:
  12. I'm guessing the fucktards that beat the kid to near-death enjoy doing that sort of thing. It's the only reason I can think of as to why someone would do it.
  13. His mother Tang Yulin decided to enrol Chen to toughen him up because he was "afraid of hardship, had weak willpower and not enough self-confidence" and had failed a school exam

    Lol 1 test? The other reasons are legitimate I guess for sending your kid to boot camp but the exam part is just fail. I'm glad my parents aren't asian. I have nothing against the race at all but parents are strict as fuck.
  14. damn man i just cameback frm there. SOme shit is just so corrupt, so strict and bullshit goes on. cool place but so much fucking shit
  15. Pretty much. I'd go so far as to say it was completely her fault. WTF kinda logic was she using? Who sends a sissy to boot camp?? What he needed was a father. Wherever he was.
    And then they tell her she can't even directly speak to him?? WTF that's a red flag right there to take him out. That's like jail.
  16. Ween them off WEB addiction?

    China seems like it kinda sucks balls as far as freedom to do everyday things.
  17. its a communist country us it seems like shit but thats how they wre born into it and they think their lives are great but we know better
  18. You don't know how hypocritcal america is though.
    Amsterdamn (as far as I know) has better rights than we do. :p
  19. dude, i don't know what the big deal is, shit- i went to one of these in the States when i was younger. sure, no one got beaten to death there but while i was there a few girls tried to escape while on what was called transport. they jumped out of a car moving 60 mph to try and get outta that hell hole. one was in critical condition because her skull was just so fucked up... the other suffered a broken leg. i don't think they were trying to run away, i think they just wanted to die.

    a lot of other fucked up things happened, shit i'll remember Stephen Wells as long as i live. the guy who proved to me that sanity and insanity are just thoughts away. went from being one of the smartest kids, seemingly 'sane' to being insane and now in a texas mental institute for life in just a few days.

    edit; these are survivors. people did die in that place but it was all because of suicide. dunno though, they pretty much drove them to it.

    saw some weird shit there. it was like a child prison when half of us didn't do anything wrong
  20. If only he would have ran....

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