Chinese revolution coming at the wrong time?

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  1. China has built itself up very rapidly, building numerous factories and being one of the largest exporters of goods in the world.


    It seems people there are not exactly happy enough with all this growth, mainly because most would argue it is slave labor.

    Regardless there is a revolution building, and since the global economic crisis, trade has lessened tramendously, causing whole factories to stop all production. People that were working are now without work, left on there ass. Some could say the revolution will start sometime in 2009. If the revolution is successful and the government is overthrown, that will mean, people will demand higher wages and more entitlements. Cutting that surplus tremendously to where China will be hurting.

    This is an ethical and moral decision, if Chinese are successful with there revolution, there will eventually hurt because of entitlements, and if they fail, the people are still working for next to slave labor. Which is better?

    Liberty at the cost of growth, or Equality at the cost of quality of life for average citizen.
  2. Only a very small portion of the population has seen any benefit from China's economic growth. Most of the population still lives in poverty in the country side and endures extremely corrupt local government. I would be fine with a revolution if it meant lifting this majority out of poverty. I don't think it would hurt China as a whole. It might hurt economies that rely on its cheap exports, but I don't feel much sympathy for anyone or anything that relies on an oppressive economic model.
  3. I know this is difficult because of the state-run media, however, other than empty factories, unemployment and a slowing economy, what evidence do we have that a revolution is building other than the presumption that the lower class of china is pissed because they are sitting on their thumbs?

    I'm not saying that you are incorrect, but, this seems like something that would be tough to confirm at this point.

    However, if a revolution does in fact take place(I can't see it happening), Chinas fast track to world power will be in trouble to say the least.
  4. It is happening bro, millions are leaving the communist party there and analyst have been speculating they are going to be making a change. The economic woes will only speed up the revolution.
  5. "If your mother tells you she loves you, check it out."

    Can you cite any of this? I want to believe you dude, but you aren't giving me much. This all does sound very interesting, but, no offense..."it is happening bro" isn't exactly proof.

    If millions are leaving the party...there has to be a credible source somewhere citing this.

    I'd do the research, but I'm not making the thread/claims.
  6. I would like to say that there's not much the Chinese really seem to like about revolution. China's focus is order, and if you read some polls of regular Chinese, they rate "order" above "freedom" or "democracy".

    Maybe they don't all agree with the Communist Party, but they don't agree with America either.
  7. Right, and with chinese still alive from the last revolution, with memories still fresh among the chinese population...with their recent prosperity over the past 10 years, I doubt they would be so quick to jump into another period of turmoil.

    But I'm willing to hear this one out, if there is something out there that supports an organized revolution fomenting in China...definitely interested in reading.

  8. It's called Taiwan. :rolleyes:


  9. The island of "wait, what? we are owned by china? FUCK THIS" Taiwan?
  10. Excuse me, you mean The Republic of China, thank you very much.

  11. as long as the US doesnt try to "bring democracy" to them it's all good, we've got enough on our hands, if we did go over there itd turn out really messy.
  13. And a bunch of unemployed rural peasants plan on taking down the Chinese government how?

    Any revolution that would even try to organize would be crushed. The Chinese people won't be doing anything anytime soon.
  14. IGOTJOINTS4YA - is this your fantasy or your reality?
  15. Dude, when I made this thread I had read an article about revolution is brewing in china, and had just watch a cnn airing on how China was fixing to see revolution, don't try to play it as I am crazy.

    The article I read was a feed off of this, but I can't find the main article:

    I am not trying to make this shit up.

  16. I doubt you're trying to make it up, man. :) I'm not saying you lie. I'm saying you don't know and neither do speculative media articles. Who has got the fullest picture?

    It damn better be worth more than a thousand words (or even characters, if they're in Chinese).
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    You see in China the way they vote to elect leaders is, people who live in cities votes count 4 times as much as people who vote in rural country side. The millions leaving the communist party have been mostly in the rural communities. The people in cities who have been effectively happy and content because there standard of living has been raising, has voted with the communist part.

    This is where the revolution is happening, in the cities factories all across China have been closed, big percentage of people mostly in the cities have been without work. You might see in the next election even more Chinese, especially the ones in the cities vote along with the rural brothers.

    The rural Chinese have been dropping from the communist party because there lack of representation, which makes since. In a society that is running there country like a corporation, which effectively communism is(a country run like a corporation), the less producing outlets of the country just don't get represented very well.

    More people live in the cities though, the 10 biggest cities in China, have something along the lines of higher population density than Manhattan, which is mind boggling. If China doesn't continue to make them happy, a revolution is very possible.

    If anything, I would speculate they would embrace a social democracy, which seems like the most obvious evolution from communism, at least for China.'s_Republic_of_China
  18. I understand what you're saying, but do you get what I'm saying?
  19. Well in a country with a state run media, wouldn't articles talking about revolution not get aired very much or even the action talked about by our countries media. They sensor the entire internet in China, and China is one of the countries that uses the internet more than a lot of countries matter of fact. I think if a revolution was brewing there, more valued media sources would only talk about it after the fact.

    I see what your saying, I don't agree with it.

  20. What am I saying that you disagree with, in a single sentence?

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