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Chinese food + munchies = dishonorable O_O

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by carrythecross, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So.. i smoke a nice ass J right walking to the chinese takeout up the strret. The crazy part is my family ordered chinese earlier... So i just brought mines with me. So we walk into the store and i am hiding my chinese food behind my legs... And I ask for a plate and fork.

    Now picture a dramatic facial expression mixed with a pin drop... I think i dishonored his chinese takeout establishment... I sat down and proceded to eat my food.. and i got the munchies like shit so im goin in.... And i look over and there all staring at me intensely.... O_O

    Next thing you know I pull out a food lion peach soda.... Yeah thats right i wasnt tryna pay no more money... Wtf? Im rick james bitch! Lmao.

    But anyway i loook over my shoulder and me and the cook had a fuckin stare down ans then he like back pettled and fell back ail as if my glare was daggerring. Then i just said "I bought this from here" and everything got silent... And warped because all the hostility in the air was gone... It all suddenly changed when I said that.

    Thanks for reading my high adventure chronicles. O_O :D

    Btw... Share yours.... Muahahhahaha
  2. Lol I enjoyed your story! Especially the part when you tell them you got it from there :laughing: :laughing:
  3. lol nice.


    u:I got it from here...
    them: WTF? we don't sell that
  4. What did they think you stole it?

  5. me and one of my boys smoked up around noon one day and went to the chinese buffet about 15 mins from here. Probably the greatest moment in life.
  6. Apparently bringing outside food into restaurants is a big deal to them. I've heard them say it's for health and liability reasons because if you get sick they don't want it coming back to them.. Sounds sort of unlikely to me.
  7. #7 DMX, Aug 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 3, 2011
    I wouldnt want people bringing their own food into my resturant.
    I kind of dont understand though... You walked to the chinese resturant with food just to go eat there?
    Asking for a fork should not be a huge deal if your in america. Fuck a chopstick.

    Your parents ordered food, and you walked in and hid food behind your legs??? What the fuck? Then proceeded to eat there... Like was it a small chinese place? Where theres only like 3 sets of small tables....
  8. Nah it's just disrespectful to their business I guess, bringing food in from elsewhere. Very funny situation you got your high ass into though, hhaha.
  9. Lol cool story bro
  10. chinese buffets are the best!! they always wisper in chinese like "those motherfuckers are high" haha good timea
  11. let me get this straight, you went from hom back to a restaurant with their foond in hand and ate it back at the spot cus ur dad bought it there earlier? real dishonor
  12. haha good read :D
  13. I don't understand a word.

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