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Chinese Bullets used to kill UN peacekeepers in Darfur

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dudedude4, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. it means china was selling arms to Omar Al-Bashir, a known perpetrator of genocide facing sanctions.

  2. Couldnt another country with chinese bullets have sold them to Omar Al-Bashir?
  3. Did you read the article?

    "China responded angrily to the revelations and insisted that if the findings were not rewritten, it would block the report's release to the public, according to diplomats. "These were very concrete allegations against the Chinese," said a U.N.-based source familiar with the internal dispute over China's arms. "The Chinese don't want the report to be published."

    The Chinese government is acting kinda guilty. If the report had nothing bad to reveal about them they wouldn't be trying to block it so desperately IMO.
  4. American Guns and ammunition are smuggled into Mexico all the time and kill hundreds of Mexican cops every year.thoughts? :confused: hm...Fuck guns?:confused_2: can't make them illegal,it would just open a black market for weapons.. which there already is..i guest guns are cool and all when it comes to hunting for food,but to kill other people??wtf.It's a Pandora box that can't be closed :(

    that's my thoughts :bongin:
  5. agreed, its just fucked if its really true that the govt of China willingfully sold arms to Omar Al-Bashir's forces. 2,000,000 people dead cause of him.
  6. Get over it. The UN shouldn't be there and the world shouldn't be giving him money IE: Foreign aid to stay in power and to buy the guns and commit genocide.

  7. Similar to the Israeli government after the Peace Flotilla massacre ????:)
  8. It's no big secret that the Chinese are in bed with al-Bashir. The sanctions and embargoes levied by the West have given Russian and Chinese firms free reign over the Sudanese oil industry.
  9. reminds me of the movie '' LORD OF WAR ''. with nicholous cage....

    you cant really blame the country that made the weapon....

    chinneesee guns are the guns of choice for rouge countries who have civil disputes going on all thru thier country..:cool:
  10. Also, it said the bullets were used to kill peacekeepers , how many peacekeepers where they talking about?

  11. You can when the country's supposed to be adhering to sanctions banning them from exporting arms to the region. Given that the Chinese have been arguing against such sanctions, concrete evidence that they're arming the Sudanese regime is a pretty big blow to their credibility on the matter. Especially if that evidence happened to end up in the back of a UN Peacekeeper's head. =/
  12. if these guys are "peacekeepers" i'd hate to see what they call a "war maker"



  13. Ok, but if i shot someone with my chinese made Ak47 and ak47 bullets, is it china`s fault? If a somali pirate [​IMG] Hi-jacks a ship carrying guns to another country, sells the guns to these people who killed the peacekeepers, whos fault is that? Tough to know whats really going on here 1. with africa gangs, 2. with china. Who knows what the real truth is

  14. Thing is, we tried the whole peacekeeping thing by virtue of mandate alone in Kosovo and (to an extent) in Rwanda, and in both cases peacekeeping forces got brushed into a corner and held captive by the standing army while trigger-happy militias exterminated and brutalised the populace the peacekeeping forces were assigned to protect right in front of their noses.

    Sudan and Somalia are different countries.

  15. No shit, but where do you think illegal goods in Sudan would come from? clown........
  16. Really? Last I checked Chinese 7.62 ammo was banned from US import. What maker do you use?

    It sounds like a purely capitalist :eek: move on China's part. If the report gets published then there will be attempts to block their ammo sales to Africa and probably lose some of their current client base elsewhere.

  17. I don't feel qualified to answer that. Perhaps you could enlighten me as to what makes you believe these Russian bullets were stolen from a Chinese freighter by Somali pirates and subsequently shipped thousands of miles across Africa to Darfur?

  18. Somali has the least stable government in the country of Africa. Its coastline is the closest to china( In Africa), and the easiest to smuggle stuff in and out due to lack of organized government and homeland security for Somali. That is why their are so many pirates in Somali, with a suprising amount of other Africans who have migrated there to continue criminal activity(especially sudanese). Its a criminal haven.

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