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  1. Today was a pretty alright day. Well I got a huge hankerin' for a good Chinese Buffett, so my best friend since pre-school got online and I asked him if he wanted to go, since we always go to Chinese food together. I havn't seen him in like 7 months, though we always talk on AIM, but he's a gamer, and I'm an anti-socialite, so we hardly do things. But in this time he moved, so I ask for his address, go to plug it in, and say I'll be there in a few. Well, goin to a Chinese Buffett, so it was obligatory for me toke. So I take a few hits, get feelin nice, and start to head off. But I live with my dad still, so I decided to leave him a note so he didn't cook dinner for me and we had wasted food. So then I walk into the kitchen leave the note for him, and I see a note he left for me telling me to call my mom. So I got a bit of a buzz kill... because of the way he worded it, it sounded as if she had news to tell me but he didn't want to break it in note form. So I'm freaking out because I know my grandparents are sick, and I thought something happened, so I call my mom, and it turns out she was just in town and wanted to see if i wanted lunch, but by the time I called her she was already driving back to her city. So I had this buzz kill for nothing. But I get in my car, turn on jam_On (Sirius rocks!!!!) and head to pick my friend up who lives 35 minutes away. So I get into the new neighborhood of his house and guess what. It's townhouses!!! So the 1111 e Somestreet dr address he gave me was negated because this whole housing development was that number, except they had individual house numbers, which he forgot to give me... so I drive through all the streets to see if he has his car parked outside, but he doesn't. And since I'm an anti-socialite I hate the phone and thus don't have his number, nor do I have a cell phone, so I turn around to go back home to IM him... another 35 minute drive. But this gives me an excuse to smoke a bit more to get a buzz going again after the buzz kill, and the time elapsed.

    So now I'm feeling good again and I go pick him up, and drive another 30 minutes away from his house, so by this time I'm a good distance away from my house, but this place was just so good. It's 19.99 for enterance and a drink, and they have the best fucking Chinese food ever. These also have a little Japanese section with their own Sushi chefs who roll the sushi in front of you. So we got a spicy Salmon roll, and my god, it was the best I've had from there. But this place was stoner heaver. A bunch of different Asian foods which were cooked to perfection. If you have never been to a Chinese Buffett stoned, I suggest you do that some day. But this whole dinner experience just put me in such a good mood, it was so good. And for being so skinny, I fucking raped the place of food. But alas, I was met by my match. I see this old asian guy sitting in the booth kitty corner to us. And my god, he had food stacked on his plate like you wouldn't believe, he'd be the master of the Las Vegas Buffett's I bet. But now I'm in heaven thinking about the buffett again... so, my final words for the post: Chinese Buffett's + Ganja = a must to experience!!!
  2. lol aint that the truth
  3. i need to get to a chinese buffet.

    i haven't been to one in a long time.
  4. Good Times Good Times
  5. Leftovers will have to do, but I hate you for making me want a chinese food buffet...
  6. Hahah damn 19.99!!! The one around here is $7 during the day, 11 at night.
  7. Ive been wanting to do that for a while now...

    19.99, musta been some dank ass chinese food. nice story
  8. Yeah man, you shoulda tried that purple haze lo mein.
  9. When I was straight edge I went to chinese buffets all the time. I can't imagine them high...just to good to be true :D

  10. It's High Times!
  11. I hope everyone knows i was kidding around with that last reply..some people need to toke it up more and chiilll..

    Sorry if i offended you sCaKmY.
  12. I laughed at it.

    none taken
  13. You are 100% correct. This is like cream of the crop, gour-fucking-met Chinese. I wouldn't spend 20 bucks for shit... but my god, this place is heaven!!!
  14. Oh shit i thought it was you who -rep'd me. My bad bro.
  15. We have an amazing buffet here, I think its $14.99 or something for the buffet. So good though, I go every now and then.
  16. Oh man me and a couple of friends blazed a fatty and went to the closest chinese restaurant, oh man the sweet & sour pork with rice was amazing. Im hungry just thinkin about it :(
  17. I only go to japanese food with my family, but I wanna go with my bud sometime baked, problem is that its really expensive, probably 60 bucks for both of us.

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