China's Mobile "Death" Vehicle

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  1. thats crazy.
    If it was up to me the death sentace would be this:
    Quick and painless and doesnt cost alot, and you dont have to sit on death row for 20 years.....right after the court hearing, go out back.
  2. So its like a lethal injection van?
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    the death van hass been around for years... i use to be an avid conspiracy theorist a few years ago and shit like this was all i read about.. ha. they made to van to kill people from prison to prison on the way to another execution. saves time & space.. ;) dont fuck around in china, they'll scoop you and bust that ass with a needle real quick.

    death row is more like an appeals line. plenty of innocent ppl have been released from death ro or had their sentence reduced to prison.. but i guess if you were wrongly convicted you'd like to be taken behind the chemical shed right after the guilty verdict just like everyone else..

    i do agree more states should allow people to chose to be shot.. i'd want to be shot in the face with a .50 caliber round from a barret sniper rifle.. pop. ha. dropped from a plane with no parachute is high on the list too..
  4. Lets follow the Bus on Tour!!

    Like U2 style.
  5. Holey shit. Thats freaking unreal.....

  6. A mobile execution chamber, seriously? Straight from court to execution...
  7. "The switch from gunshots to injections is a sign that China promotes human rights now"

  8. Weak.

    I don't get why people who have raped and killed people are still provided "Human Rights". Shouldn't their human rights go right out the window after they violated anothers? Bring back the electric chair.
  9. Because they are humans... :hide:
  10. Okay.

    A guy who stabs a woman over 50 times after raping her and then getting life in prison or lethal injection doesn't exactly seem fair. But I guess you can do all kinds of atrocious things to other people and still be considered human. Who cares if the guy bludgeoned her to death with a sledgehammer, we'll just stick a needle in his arm so he can go to sleep and never wake up.

  11. Thatd be a sweet tour bus for a metal band. Whats more hardcore than a mobile death van???????
  12. Im so confused why dont they just use a building???:confused:
  13. They totally stole this idea from Metalocypse
  14. totally i could see them making a dethvan.

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