China to stick with 1 child policy...

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  1. Gotta stop the population from growing somehow I suppose...and infanticide is not socially acceptable these days ;)
  2. If only WE were as smart as the Chinese :( Im not sure how it makes sense to allow people to come into our country illegally, pop out numerous babies and then be entitled to benefits. Im really having a hard time with this concept. Time for the 14th amendment to go bye bye
  3. don't worry, the government will fix this, through taxation, where children become unaffordable.
  4. Yea right! The ACLU will be all over that. Illegals not being able to have babies on American soil?!?! Get out of here! Now the white man on the other hand, or as they call it the "wealthy" I could see this happening to. Its no longer about equal opportunity, now its about equal outcomes.
  5. I think there should be some kind of intelligence test before people are allowed to have children.

  6. This type of policy promoted Infanticide for a long time.

    I'm all for immigration control, but immigrants are not the only ones having babies here.

    We have shows on Tv Idolizing families with 14 children, Octomom is a celebrity because she had eight babies (artificially inseminated). Somehow i seriously doubt that drastic population increases are tied to anything other that this "lets have 18 babies" culture.
  7. Mormons

  8. And catholics, and rural people ( who need extra hands for work), and low income families who continue to have babies for the free entitelments they get, and white/black/spanish and every other kind of trash who has babies as a result of simply not being responsible, and not caring about the outcome of their childs life.
  9. This law is socially acceptable infanticide, what happens when the majority of families don't get males? They kill or abandon the child. I'm surprised they're going back to this policy since they've seen the results. But what does the Chinese government care about? Certainly not its people.
  10. Uh, that's exactly what they care about. An over-burdened society that is running out of resources. I think they are completely justified.
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    China is still a developing country outside of its urban zones. Rural China have not quite caught up to the level of modernization and career opportunities that the more affluent industrial and financial centers have.

    So to avoid a demographic disaster, China by means of its rather heavy-handed regime, do what it can to curb an uncontrollable growth in population that can not be sustained by growth in economy.

    Yes, it is cruel, and yes it goes against all we call civilized society. But in the long term, I think it is the humane thing to do. The alternative, as evident by uncontrolled growth of population in even less developed countries, is a demographic bomb of an unsustainable population, that will only lead to famine, poverty, strife and wars as more and more people fight for survival over less and less common resources.

    We need to face the fact that our earth can not sustain an indefinite number of people. That resources are quite finite, and if we do not intend to bleed our planet dry we need to keep that in mind. Let our ecology rebuild at a level that can sustain a given human population. In addition to our animal friends and, erm, food...

    Population control, is caring for the environment.

    By means of prosperity and equal opportunity to women, we here in the west have managed such control without resorting to austere and cruel measures. But alas, such is not the situation in most of the world.
  12. Humane population control is definitely the way to go (minus the infanticide). Uncontrolled growth will only mean disaster in the long run.

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