China preparing to release new gold backed currency

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  1. Can you link us to the 5% of non-bs site(s) you read?
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    All I said was chinamen at least I didn't say zipper head or ***** which I wouldn't because I'm Asian(Thai to be exact). Either way that's not the point, the point is they still can't do shit to us.

  3. No because I'm talking about things I used read 2-3 years ago that sounds exactly like this.

    I guess one good example though could be the bankers that have been resigning all this year. That is true...but there is also the 95% of speculation as to why they are stepping down that surrounds that truth.
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    The dinar? Isn't that what Ghaddafi tried to switch to before being murdered? Yeah, total scam. The only reason it didn't happen is because the US govt doesn't want to lose their spot as the global currency, so they kill whoever doesn't agree with our money.

  5. Shit, I forgot about that...damn...,maybe I'm just talkin shit then :D

  6. zipper head isnt a chinese slurr... its vietnamese... Just sayin

  7. Yup! ;)
  8. pretty sure its korean, and chinese among other east asian peoples.

    considering it came from the korean war and whatnot.
  9. [quote name='"Broses"']

    pretty sure its korean, and chinese among other east asian peoples.

    considering it came from the korean war and whatnot.[/quote]

    It came from the Vietnam war. A zipper was a suicide soldier.
  10. zipperhead came around from americans running over asians with their jeeps and seeing how it looked like a zipper going across them.

    its from the korean war.

    do some googling, most people seem to agree with this.
  11. Wow, you really know your racism.:)

    Here, have some brownie points.


  12. The chinese fought along side the koreans.
  13. War has been declared for awhile, it's just that we aren't fighting back (at least publically). The whole article is a very good read.:smoke:

    The message no one wanted to hear | The American Legion

    In 1999, two Chinese colonels, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, wrote a groundbreaking book titled “Unrestricted Warfare” that was published by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Press. They begin the book with the simple acknowledgement that the Gulf War of 1991 changed warfare forever. Desert Storm was an overwhelming, all-encompassing victory against what had been considered one of the greatest military powers in the world, and it was accomplished in a mere 42 days. The key, of course, was the substantial technological superiority of the Americans. This victory shocked the Chinese to the core. They no longer had delusions that they could win in a direct military confrontation with the United States. They realized that “war by other means” would be necessary.
    The book identifies some of these other means, including:
    • Financial warfare (manipulation of currencies, banks and the stock market),
    • Technological warfare (gaining primary control of various technologies),
    • Resources warfare (manipulating the price of, or access to, key resources),
    • Network warfare (control of the Internet and real-time communication), and
    • Economic aid warfare (controlling other nations by creating economic dependencies).
    There should be little doubt that the work of the two colonels has been followed carefully by the PLA in determining means of engagement. In fact, the book has become the de facto manual for economic warfare worldwide.
  14. Informative thread. To the top you go.
  15. Idk i heard the guy who wrote the article invests in gold and was doing this to maybe make some money and create panic, but this is honestly based on nothing...:smoke:

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