China buys gold, challenges US dollar

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  1. 2015? We're fucked now. This kick the can down the road charade is about to end. Don't argue anymore over the Blue team or the Red team (Democrats and Republicans). The crap you hear the politicians (and mainstream media) spew is just divide and conquer rhetoric. The time to get our house in order was in the 1970s but people needed to have a luxury car with spinning rims parked inside a garage in a house they couldn't afford with flat screen televisions in every room. Almost 50% of the population is on food stamps (modern day bread line). Wait until the coming liquidity crisis freezes ALL lines of credit----shit is about to hit the fan and unfortunately, the world is positioning the chess pieces for WWIII. Smoke a bowl and think happy thoughts! :)
  2. To sum up my opinion on what We The People are;
    We are

    • screwed
    • fucked
    • corn-holed
    • ass-raped
    • bled and left for dead
    • hearing "let them eat cake..."

    wake me when it's 1776 again....:mad:
  3. This isn't breaking news, and that article is misleading. The main informatin is accurate though. China has been buying gold for a while now, and the fall of the dollar as the reserve currency is inevitable, and will definitely crush the dollar once that happens. The misleading part is that China is doing this just to hurt the dollar or euro. They aren't. They are doing it to protect their own currency, and it's only a side effect that it will hurt the dollar. The dolars fall is being caused by our own monetary policies, China is just propping it up right now because it has to, but son they will allow it to collapse, and then we will see the true consequences of Keyenian pseudo econmics. The crash will be extremely severe.
  4. Spelling errors are because I'm posting from my crappy phone.
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    china is lucky that they are china.. because if they were a tiny defenseless country, we'd be bombing the shit out of them for doing this.

    edit: i mean spreading freedom and protecting civilians.. not bombing the shit out of them.
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    Barack Obama stars in, "Cold War II: Kung Pao Style", coming soon to covert operation locations near you!
  7. LOL both last posts are signature worthy
  8. gold aint shit if u dont want it.
    If all you people get over your gold fetish they're fucked with stupid gold.
  9. ya gold is just stupid who needs gold
  10. lol.... gold is accepted EVERYWHERE in the world.

  11. imagine if we dropped some sort of parasite that killed their rice crop....

  12. Lol. Gold is a limited resource

  13. You are so clueless.
  14. yeah.. you stick with your paper fetish, and leave the gold for us fools.

  15. Gold is foolish also. What worth does gold actually have other than it looks nice? You can't eat it, most places won't even let you trade with it, it can't provide you with happiness

    Let's back the monopoly money with something as equally worthless

  16. sigh..

    Gold is used to back currencies so that the expansion/contraction of the money supply is controlled and governments can't just inflate the currency into oblivion like we are doing now to the dollar. How hard is that to understand? Backing a currency with gold is what makes them strong. That is why the Swiss franc has been traditionally one of the strongest currencies in the world, and that is why China is backing it's currency with it.

    l2economics people...
  17. I believe it's called 'spreading democracy!!'
  18. Gold can get a girl to go around the world...slip a heavy gold necklace on her neck, and off she goes (on you):eek:

    hows that for the magic of gold? :hello:

    (yayaya, you just see where she goes when you slip a paper necklace on her neck...uhuh...:p)
  19. i guess he doesn't realize that we'd have gold certificates like bills and coins backed by banks with strict policies, actually, not too sure about bank's that makes me cringe, what is your guys' take on how it could work? i hear people complain "there's no enough gold to sustain our economy"...your take?

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