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Chilson's Hashberry DWC Grow

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by Chillson, Oct 29, 2010.

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    sup guys. New user. New journal. First grow! AW YEA!

    Room: 2x4x5'4 lined w/mylar
    Light: 400w EyeHort
    Fan: EcoPLus supreme 4in @ ~170cfm
    System: Bake-a-round cooltube w/ hood
    Hydro: 4-pot DWC bin with 2 8in Airstones

    The seeds are Mandala Hashberry. As of now there aboutttt 2 weeks old, i wanna say, from germination. The bin holds 4, but for some reason i keep on messing up whenever i try to germ a new seed. Chalk it up to newb impatience.

    Anyway, these 3 chiciatas are lookin pretty well so far, aside from one slow one. heres some pics:


    any idea whats making #3 look like Benjamin Button?

    Thanks for stopping by! Dont hestitate to drop some knowledge on ya bwai I'm all ears.

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  2. OH and.

    Room temp is hovering around 76. Perfect. My humidity however, is just reading "LO". Im sure that cant be too good. But Is it the catalyst?

    I started them off on some 5.8 PH distilled water. Been topfeeding with 5.8 PH 200ppm Advanced Nutes Sensi Grow lately.

    In the res is ~600ppm of ~5.7PH tap water/nute mixture. #2 is the only one that has dipped into the res so far, with 2 lil roots.

    I've got the plants about 1.5 ft away from the light, they were starting to look spindly @ 3ft away. Heat doesn't seem to be an issue right now.
  3. I've grown Hashberry, nice plant, big fat chunky nugs. But. watch for hermies, quite common with HashBerry.
  4. Really, how so? Do you mean hermie from genetics? Or are they just extra susceptible to becoming hermie from interaction with male plants
  5. From genetics, on other forums, growers experienced the same problems. just keep a close eye out for them.
  6. let's call this..... day 10. Benjamin (I mean Bethany – last pic) Button has got some new growth and look like she may pull through. The other two are goin pretty strong!





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  7. Atleast one of them seem to really be taking off :hello:

    All of the plants root's have touch water by now, some obviously more than others. I double checked ppm and PH today, it was close to 7 so i went ahead and adjusted to roughly 5.5 (not perfect but I'm sure it will balance out just fine).

    Most plants seem to be getting some yellowing, but the new growth keeps looking stronger and stronger. Any ideas what I can do about the smallest plant? Its not looking too healthy. My ppm is at about 550-600. Too much for these lil guys? Any advice?

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  8. UPDATE! Lots of growth since the last update! I did a little pruning and the plants seem to be doing alot better. Also did a res change today. Currently at:

    PH: 5.7-6.0
    TDS: ~580 ppm
    EC: 1142 uS

    The res had some gunk built up at the bottom and the plants seemed to have slowed down the past couple days so I thought maybe some fresh water would do them good. Broke an airstone in the proccess though :(. Oh well.

    The biggest plant in the bunch is doing very well. Looks like she's getting a little bit of bark on her stem too!. The plants are looking very bushy (though its not like i have any previous grows to compare with).

    I dont think there are any signs of sex just yet. I thought I saw some hairs the other day but I come back today and it turns out they're leaves!

    I attatched a macro shot of the stem (AND some root pr0n) anyway, maybe you guys can tell

    somebody TALK! :wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:

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  9. growth seems to have stalled regardless of the res change. Ive been very weary of upping nutrient level for fear of over fert'ing but I read up a little bit and I think the yellowing of the veins of lower leaves are due to nitrogen defficiency. So I added some nutes to the res, going from about 550ppm to about 820ppm, well under AN's suggested ppm of 1020 within the 3nd week of veg. Im going to see how the plants react to the nutes and continue to up the numbers and see how they react. I have read many times that AN's nute suggestions are on the aggresive side, and Mandala states that the hashberry strain needs less nutrients than common, so I need to take both into consideration.

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