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Chillums Win

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Chillums fucking rip! They give me such smooth ass hits and big ass ones at the same time. It beats my bong and bubbler, like wtf?
  2. I do enjoy a nice chillum sesh. When you get em going good it's like smoking a big ol' stogie 
  3. Mine is great for me. I take a big ass hit and the cherry instantly goes out when im done. No waste
  4. I've got 3 different ones (just to mix up my sessions) and I love them! I can put it in my pocket, if I'm on the go it's small and harder to see, and are great for when you are outdoors and there is a lot of whipping wind.
    I've owned other types of pipes before but Chillums are my absolute favorite.
  5. for a few months last year me and my friends would smoke chillum it was awesome. roll up a ball of hash in some tabacco then smoke and smoke for hours, didnt even have to relight that bitch between bowls
  6. Chillums are awesome dude, I currently don't have one :( but if I see one that really tickles my fancy, I'm gonna get it and make it my main piece.
  7. weird maybe because with chillums your forced to take a smaller baby toke compared to a water filter piece, you ran rip and get a enormousness toke, making it feel harsher?
    I love my chillum tho, its my #1 on the go grab pipe
  8. Chillums are hands down the best for on the go smoking, otherwise I prefer using a bowl.

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  9. Chillums originated in India used by sadhus and other holy men. If you don't smoke it the right way look up a vid of sadhus smoking a chillum. I used to smoke it just straight but the way they do it is awesome. It's a little more complicated but once you get it it's awesome.

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