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Chillums Pros and Cons

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ediblez, May 10, 2011.

  1. how is it? is it cool to smoke out of? easy to smoke?
    good hits? more info please

    Ps: jizz on weed and give it to girls keep em comin back for moar! :hello:
  2. your sick minded
  3. nah im healthy haha
  4. Very concealable. Pro

    Gets hot VERY fast if used often. Con
  5. well if your question was serious...I'd say they are a bit tricky, you have to it hold at an odd angle the first couple hits and they are very smoky hits so I cough much more. I use one of those glass screens in it. They have the advantage of being small and someone told me you could use them to make other things. Don't smoke it a lot but still like it as was made by a local guy.
  6. I love my little chillum. They are nice for chilling out, not so great for getting super duper blazed. They can get pretty hot, but nothing you can't handle if you're used to smoking from a spoon.
  7. pros: concealable. hits super hard.

    cons: gets very hot after packing it like 2-3 times. the weed can fall out kind of easy if you dont pack it right
  8. Chillums are bomb and very concealable like everyone has said... There is no weird angles if you pack the weed... It does get hot fast but is a nice piece if your smoking with your girlfriend or one other head, for sure not a party smoking choice obviously but hits hard enough to stop a noob smokers breathing lol....

    I got a fat bowl on mine I can pack close to a gram, perfect for concerts and shit..
  9. They hit hard but, they use alot of weed
  10. I don't use them but there cool.
  11. I have a small 3" chillum and it's brilliant. Very easy to conceal, fits in my pockets easily. The hits can be harsh but I usually pack small snaps and just smoke them so it isn't too bad. It's a bit awkward to smoke with at first but after a few tries you'll get the hang of it :D
  12. Chillums are the most under appreciated pieces of all time. The stealth and ease they provide is unmatched (excluding handheld vaporizers, Such as the MFLB)

    I love mine, it my daily piece and it will remain so for as long as I'm a weed fanatic.
  13. They're small, stealthy, you can get a really cool heady one for cheap, if you get a bigger one they can hold a lot of weed. The only real downside is that they can be a bit harsh, and if you want to hit them properly you need two people.
  14. I don't like Chillums for a few reasons

    1) you burn you fucking eyebrows off

    2) Scooby Snacks (Ash) in your mouth

    3) I feel like a crack head when im smoking it/looks to much like a meth pipe or something

    Its probably a better idea to get a simple spoon or a nice water pipe

  15. IDK. If I only had $20, I'd rather get a $20 chillum then a $20 spoon, and especially rather get one then a $20 bong. You can get a crazy worked chillum for roughly $50-60, whereas with a spoon you'll just be getting past the basic stage.
  16. Pro - It's really cool to say "chillum"

    Con- nothing I can think of
  17. Pro: They're very small and can pass a cig from 35ft + away if stared at, much less if glanced upon. Hits you hard and will get you baked. The good ones won't give you scooby snacks. Easily concealable. Easy to do smoke tricks with. Cheap. Conserves bud.
    Con: They get hot, not as bad as you'd think. Get dirty easier then bowls.

  18. Yeah thats true, i think for 20 you could get yourself a nice spoon though. Its like choosing between an oz of mecc or a eighth of some kushhh
  19. Anyone ever use the reflection on a metal lighter piece to see how its cherried and where it may need it..

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