chillums Pros and Cons

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  1. thinking about getting one how is it? whats it like?
    easy to smoke?

    info please thanks gc

    jizz on you're weed and watch it grow crystals then slang it to your gf ;) :D
  2. If you get a chillum get one with a constriction rather than a push
  3. Pro:
    Easy to use
    Easy to pack personal bowls

    Not a bong :smoking:

  4. yeah basically what he said. i used to use one all the time last summer when i first started smoking so i could hide it easily.
  5. its probably the easiest pipe to eat shit...meaning if you hit it too hard or hit it after the pipe is beat you will catch a hot mouth full of ashes and resin...Its happened to everyone that has ever owned a chillum.

    if you do get one i recommend the Illadelph looks pretty sick!

    I have owned multiple little chillums and bats...they are best for stealty smoking and you can even cup the chillum with your hand to hide it while you are hitting it...just act like you are covering your mouth while caughing or clearing your throat.

    If this is your first piece then maybe try a spoon instead.


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