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chillum vs blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Markan, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. So I just bought my first chillum (a basic glass chillum, nothing fancy, cost R50 ($7US)) and am looking forward to hitting it later on. My question, being somewhat a beginner toker and not yet having been introduced to bongs and pipes (only joints), is what is:
    a) more user friendly;
    b) gives a better high;
    c) gives a longer effect; and
    d) leaves a stronger smell.

    I've taken a hit from a similar chillum before and I must admit I was impressed. I'm certainly not thinking of replacing blunts with a chillum. I suppose blunts are more user friendly for when I have a lady friend over lol..
    I'd also like to know some tips for maximizing the experience when smoking..

  2. Also this is my first time posting on GC and I would just like to thank the people behind the site for giving me something constructive to browse through ;-)
  3. a) a vape/bong is most user friendly except for needing to fill the bong up with water/ice whatever it needs, but that can easily be fixed by keeping the water in.

    b) a bong; it's a more "fucked up" high (which a lot of people like) then vape seems to be a more "medicinal" value. ( even though marijuana is medicinal, you get it )

    c) Bongs give a "longer effect" in my opinion and at less of bud then a pipe, or joint.

    d) now this is difficult; same weed? It'll either be a joint/blunt/pipe vape leaves the smell for 10 minutes, bongs is almost instantly off due to lack of touching your clothes/skin.

    Hope this helps brother

    not being a douche, be careful don't double post, people take that seriously on any forum. If you want to say something "edit" your first post. and welcome to GC
  4. A chillum is just another tool in the smoking device its actually something you could pull out with a girl, ive pulled mine out with people over and they were amazed at the damn thing cuz not many people smoke that way. In reply to Mrpsylo i would disagree with the part where you said a vape leaves smell for 10 minutes...man a vape can be smoked inside with doors open and people wont even notice, so if you were going for no smell the vape is the way to go.

  5. It doesn't leave a "pot" smell, but it definetely leaves a "funk" smell.
    But yeah.
  6. I had nothing but a glass chillum for a long time - they are great and super portable - the thing about chillums though is that it's a very hot/harsh smoke if you just smoke it like a normal pipe - if you smoked it out of a cupped hand it introduces more cool air from the not-perfect seal of your hand and makes fore a more enjoyable smoke (like so: http://www.frankossen.com/Chillum_Baba.jpg). Takes a little getting used to, but it's a good way to smoke herb.

  7. How do you hit it when it's not lit? You can't light it when there's two hands on the pipe!

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