Chillum/One hitter chess

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  1. Anyone thought of this? Like shot glass chess but they are chillums/one hitters, the more important the piece the more weed packed into it....

    I should toke up and then re-look into this.... brb
  2. oh god. the idea you have just given me. is out of this world. i need to find a marble chess set and a few nice drill bits and im gonna make chillum chess

    oh god this is awesome.
  3. Whenever you capture a piece you get to smoke that bowl.

    Then at the end you get to smoke all your other pieces on the board, or save them for another round.

  4. That would be a dope I dea dude. Each person comes to the game loads there chess pieces with there weed, then you play. when you knock out your oppentes piece you get to smoke the bowl in it. So if you win you get super high and you probably got some of your chess pieces left haha
  5. Ahhh i just thought of this and had the sense to search for it first.

    Oh well lets liven this thread lol

    Would U buy a game of one hitter chess?
  6. Fuck yes.
    Must be done.
  7. chiefin' chess!!! hellz yeah!!!
  8. So i think its a good idea but, seeing as some of us smokers are blessed with a little more smarts than the next, i would probably be stuck losing all my pieces watching as my opponent smokes away.

    Any ideas how you could incorporate smoking through every move. i dunno how it would work though.
  9. oh damn this is a good idea. QUEEN = bong snap hahaha. and game is blunt around the room
  10. great idea but i'd like to extend it to gong slides with a gong board. now that would be sick.

  11. Sounds like a great idea although it would be pricey and the board would have to be huge to make room for bigger slides. It also must be capable of holding both 18mm and 14mm slides, or you must have all the slides be one size.. Still could happen, though. :wave:

    edit: i have no clue what im tlaking about dude..
  12. definitely a sick idea, it's starting to sound like a cross between chinese checkers (with the peg board idea) and chess (the board and the rules). I would definitely play this all day long.

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