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    OK, so I'm new here and I"m trying to find out where I can get some chillinXXX, I've already been looking for the past hour but from what I read there's alot of ppl selling fake shit online I was gonna go ahead and order some from but some ppl are saying that the stuff they got from them didn't work and some other ppl said to try and but I couldn't find it there either, Do they sell it under another name or something?

    I've tried spice gold but the headshop down here jacks their prices on that way up its $30 for 400mg, I was thinking of ordering some online but ppl say Chillinxxx is more potent and I really need to get high like bad but if noone knows of a legit online dealer I'll just get some more spice oh yea and sorry for making this so long but thanks for any help you can give me..:confused:
  2. holyshitthatsonelongassrunonsentence.

    see how hard it is to read when there is no logic to its format?

    anyways... just buy some weed and move on.
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    \t\t"holyshitthatsonelongassrunonsentence." -Necrostophelies

    lol sorry about that this beter? -Spaded89

    "anyways... just buy some weed and move on." -Necrostophelies

    Well I could but I would get arrested when I failed my drug test. -spaded89
    LOL don't know how to use the multi quote thingy but I"ll save that for another day.
  4. why did you put pussy and sex as tags?

  5. All you have to do is hit the [​IMG] button and then type your message below the [ /QUOTE] code and it will turn out like this. I don't know a legit place to purchase it from but somebody said to google 99-0 Chillin Smoking Blend
  6. LOL to try and get more ppl to look at this thread, but why did you read the tags? thats like if I went and read the copyright on this website.

  7. i have read the copyright to this site.....

    and i just happened to glance down and see pussy
  8. LOL you really read the copyrights?(rhetorical question) and I see what u mean about it being rite there I didn't notice that till after I posted that comment
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    Try Dwarf Scullcap (Scutellaria Nana). From what I have read it is extremely rare and gets you blasted.

    PM me if you want a link to an extract.
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