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Chilling with a +

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Brumac, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. So instead of just exchanging money for weed, I decided to stick around and make conversation with my dealer... He packed a bowl and we smoked a bit and had awesome talks about life, family, weed, law, hobbies etc... Was actually an interesting and fun evening. He mentioned some problems about his internet and I went about helping resolve some of those issues... Too make a long story short, this is why its important to know "thy" dealer, their real people, and keep in mind their taking bigger risks than you so if they do you right, always be good to em...

    Anyway, as I was about to leave he said, "Wait up man, let me show you some of this new shit I got." Then he grabbed a few buds out of his stash and gave me free of charge. I was so stoked I had to take some photos and share! Anyway, be good to GOOD dealers...LOL

    Here is my bonus for the night:

  2. That bud looks pretty good man. Good for you that you found yourself a loyal and trustworthy guy. Most of the people nowadays are trying to get your money.
  3. wow man that is some amazing looking weed. Its always nice to meet those kinds of people.
  4. Most definately a thumbs up on that bud and getting to know your dealer as long as he's cool....

  5. Honestly, since I've found contacts that sell dank weed, they seem more chill and relaxed about selling it than those fuckers you meet selling shwag who seem more paranoid and eager to grab your cash and give you a shitty product...
  6. one of my dealers is my homie or like some yrs..we used 2 live 2gether and now we neighbors so yea...chillin /w dealers is the shit

    he always just rollinn up gram, 2 gram blunts for no reason lol
  7. People who sell dank know what they're dealing with, they understand the patience it takes to grow. Most people selling schwag are just street rats selling another 'high', which weed isn't even about at all.
  8. Man back in Cali before I moved I loved kickin it with my dealer. He was my friend before I even knew he smoked so after I found out he was a dealer I'd always just be like hey wanna chill? We'd chill and smoke for hours with me him and his wife and every now and then his friends. We'd smoke each other out all the time, Hell he was the guy who got me into fishing and fishing stoned. I miss Cali for all my other friends and shit man. Good job on finding a good friendly dealer man. Keep kickin it with him and he'll start hookin you up more and more.

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