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  1. Ate 300mg of DXM about a hour ago.
    Havent done dxm in forever.

    Whats GC up to tonight?
  2. Yum yum, my last DXM trip was crazy shit. I hope you don't get the itches haha

    I'm just chilling at a buddy's place from my school tonight. We are just watching Grandma's Boy kickin it then snowboarding in the morning.

  3. Fuck man, me either.
    I gots no green till tomorrow too.

    Shreding rocks, whats your setup?
  4. No bud or nothin tonight so im checkin out a script of tramzepan.

    Just chillen all mellowd out.
  5. I got nugs but its my first time meeting his parents..

    and he got a DUI last week so I'm not pulling anything haha


    That's my board, '08 Rome Artifact with Burton Cartels for bindings. What do you ride?

  6. sweet man, im riding burton too.

    a burton love coalition 07 for my deck,

    And coalition doom for my bindings.

  7. ive only done dxm once and i took 16 triple cs at my friend seans apartment. all i did was lay down, fucking mumbled to people that called my phone and barely move. it was like i couldnt comprehend anything.

    had to go to work like 8 hours later but the whole trip was fucking awesome. didnt even get sick, which ive heard is the big problem with it (that and you could die.. but when did that ever stop me haha).
  8. oh god.

    I got the itches, and my joints are swelling up.
    And no more green ):
  9. Hope the dex trip is going good. I used to use but lost enjoyment in the dissociative experience. Anyways, Burton FTW! I've got Co2 bindings on my academy merit...except I broke my collarbone at the mountain last sunday. 6 weeks out....oh well.

    Oh and I'm sittin' back tokin' bowls relaxing with my prescribed vicodin...
  10. :D play murda mo by krayzie bone and hellified game by bizzy bone, those songs sound sooooo weird when on triple c's. i used to just play em back to back and lay on my bed and think about things when i was on c's. i had a lot of crazy and memorable thoughts.
  11. justput them on.
  12. im gonna kick it with you for a while before i go to sleep. i used to trip a lot and only had friends around once. once me and a friend were on 16 c's each which is about 240mg's, and smoked a 2g dimesack in the course of 1 minute. all i remember was taking a hit, passing it to him and talking about something, and next thing we know, the weed was all gone. crazy shit.

    bone thugs' cult/evil sounding songs are AMAZING when on triple c's.
  13. Hope you had a fun night.

    Sorry to get off topic but why does everyone do trip Cs? They are terrible for you and usually make you barf. Coricidin = Bad news. Get a DXM only product like ZRObo, Delsym, Life brand, etc. Google DXM only cough syrup.

  14. Uninformed
    Cheaper (maybe?)
    Just dont give a fuck
    Plain ol stupidity.

    Some of those ive been told..others are just my own opinion.
  15. the anti histamine in triple c's has gave me the inability to feel the robo itch.
    Well I just took 8 and btw if you took 16 that is 640 mg. Each tablet has 30mg of dxm. (unless Im mistaken). Anything else cool to do on them?
  16. Things I like about DXM.
    -Music Euphoria
    -Hardly any hangover.
    Things I don't like
    -Trouble peeing
    -Joint Pain
    -Liver pain or something around that area.
    -Constant gas (with Zicam Max Cough Spray)
    -Overheated. Nead to turn on the AC more. It makes a big difference for me whether I have a good experience or bad.
  17. ugh, fuck that.

    now i relize why i didint do it for a while,
    its a shitty buzz.

    Ill stick to my LSD
  18. What sucks is I cant find any... :{.... well anywho im feeling pretty mellowed out from the dxm. Nothing beats bob marley rught now..

  19. Well, i know what thats like budddy.

    How much did you take?
  20. jerk off

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