Chillin at my crib, tough choice....

Discussion in 'General' started by Journeyman, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Well I'm here sitting at my crib, staring down a very large pile of some buds, and I feel like I need a lil sumthin sumthin to make the night interesting. I have a couple choices, but I need some suggestions.

    Should I go for 3 perks for 10 bucks? (10 mg)
    Or 2 grams of shrooms for 20 bucks?

    I dunno, any suggestions?
  2. Fuckin Shrooms, maaaan.
  3. Shrooms fo sho.
  4. Definetly the fungus.
  5. Im goin to go against the grain here.

    I would get the percs.

    Fungus is amazing but 2 grams isnt enough for me to notice any real effects.
  6. portabellos homie
  7. gooms at 10 a g is a total jip unless they're waaaaaaay dank.

    get 6 percs for 20 :D
  8. I like your thinking, but 10 a g is an alright price in my area right now.

    Percs it is though, I dont feel like tripping.

  9. good choice.

    if your looking to enhance the pot, percs are for sure the way to go. mushrooms would just make my pot not real effective(for me anyways)
  10. Percs would be my choice.
  11. Save shrooms for a day you can afford it's real effects.

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