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Chill w/your dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stikman, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. how many people chill with the person you grab from

    id rather have one you could chill with cause they give you the exclusive preveiw and smoke it with you
  2. all the people i know that grow and distribute are all close child hood friends.
  3. me me! i chill with my dealer, we play PS3 for a few hours whenever i pick up, match a few bowls and test some of his other strains out
  4. I smoke with 3 different dealers that I buy from. All pretty chill with each other so it's all good.
  5. I just started picking up from a new guy recently. went over to his place to pick up a sack of some nice Sour diesel and smoked a bowl from his sweet bong. Had to run though cuz the friend I was picking up for was my ride waiting outside.
  6. nahh for me is strictly business.
  7. Usually. Unless I go to the dispensary.
  8. i smoke with him. sometimes i sleep over his house.
  9. at the moment i don't have a steady dealer

    but for the most part in the past i was decent friends with all the people i bought from
  10. My dealer is my sister, so I walk right down the hall, ask to buy some weed, she gives me weed then I ask 'wanna match?' she always does
  11. Always Smoke a few bowls, ive never bought a bag from him where i wasn't greeted with a bong at the door (literally).
  12. If you chill with your dealer theres less chance thet you'll get fucked over and who knows you might end up getting pineaplle express instead of the snicklefritz
  13. haha yea boy thats all this thread makes me think of
  14. dam your lucky to have a dealer for a sibling, id love to have that set up
  15. i've just gotten a new dealer, it's a girl. she's 24. she's hott.
    first, i'm gonna try to chill with her.
    then i'm gonna fuck her ;)
  16. lol hell yea dats wats up

  17. Hell yea man. I'm one of the few that actually chills with my dealer out of my friends. I like going to his house and he lets me take a whole bowl to my face out of the bong (since he doesn't smoke anymore) so i can test it out. And so I can tell him how good I think it is. We never do crazy shit, thats pretty much what we do, either that or play some football once in a while with some friends.
  18. one of my best friends just happens to deal, and some of the best in town too. gottta love :)
  19. i always do with my current female dealer whenever i go pick up, she's nice, gives me a break on prices, I bring brownies over. Just gave her 2 cupcakes this weekend from the 1/2 I picked up from her.

    She texted me saying they were delicious and she just ate them and is bringing her dog out for a walk at the park.

    Got a text from her 2 hours later, she's blitzed and did not make it at all to the dog park and is couch locked!!!

    I told her, this week, I'm making... brownies, rice krispies and caramel

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