Chill spots to smoke on Long Island

Discussion in 'General' started by pawpcorn, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. I usually just hotbox the car, smoke in the house or at this abandoned graffiti place. Anybody know any good places to toke up on Long island near nassau county??
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  3. theres nothing chill about LI
  4. u just named all the spots.

    1. Car, any parking lot
    2. Behind a seedy strip mall (on foot)
    3. Park (mad risky)
    4. Find an abandonded something
    5. Your buddys driveway
    6. Your buddys front porch
    7. Your buddys back yard
    8. Your buddys house

    Unless your at someones house its always gonna be sketchy. If its not sketchy its probably hot.
  5. Sweet hollow road.

    Midgit town (Oakdale).

    Bamboo forest on Stony Brook campus.

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