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Chill Session

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jakepriestley, May 25, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, so ive been smoking weed for a couple of months, and it is truly worth the money, had some good times with my buds.

    Anyways, im getting a tenth to myself in a couple of days. and i was wondering what are the best things to do to make sure i have a proper good high such as what to listen to, how to smoke it.

  2. Anyone got any ideas??
  3. listen to music wise? listen to whatever you like man and smoke it how you prefer but if you wanna get highest use a bong or vape
  4. what kind of land is around you? nature sessions are the fuckin bomb. in my NY house, i take an hour long hike to the top of a mountain and there are creeks, birds flying around, and its so chill to spark up a bowl or smoke a joint while you sit around some grass (both kinds) or on a riverbank. its way better than anything else. beaches are up there as well. the waves sound really cool.
  5. That sounds nice man, im going to smoke on my own, because i have never smoked on my own before. Do you prefer to smoke with people, or is better to just relax and toke on your own ?
  6. tenth? a bit of an odd amount to buy. but from what you have said, you're smoking alone? when I smoke alone, usually a wake and bake, I like to sit out on the deck, take a few rips from the bong and just enjoy the start of the day. If the weathers not too nice I'll just put on some tunes that remind me of good times and take a few rips in my room. Really though man, its all up to you on how you enjoy yourself.

    Just dont get paranoid, have some food around, have somthing enjoyable to do, and just enjoy your marijuana.
  7. in a house or in town its better with friends but a morning wake hike and bake is sooo relaxing. you can even take breakfast with you and just watch nature.
  8. hehe theres like 20 other threads about if you like to smoke alone or with people but ya i enjoy smoking alone its a good time my favorite place to smoke alone is while mowing my lawn lol dont ask me why but its nice as fuck like just enjoy a cold beer on a hot day and blunt in my right hand (I have one of those driving lawn mowers so its fun while yoru high) I also enjoy smokin with my budz and goin for a blunt ride and shit and just hot box my car and get to know my friends that much better.
  9. I guess its just the way i was brought up but, I tend to enjoy smoking with people rather then alone. Everyone always used to say that smoking alone was a sign that you have a problem and your addicted. I dont believe thats true 100% but whats better then smoking a blunt with your friends on a beautiful day?
  10. I would go with friends, but just go somewhere away from home, I like to go and just chill in the hills over looking the city

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