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Discussion in 'Pets' started by Stoner420Chick, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Anyone have any cool pets?? I have a dog. I'm getting an apartment this summer though and I'll have to leave my dog with my family, but I'd like to get something else that I could keep in an apartment no problem. Any suggestions?? Or just any cool pets that you have in general?
  2. I don't know what you think about reptiles but a corn snake would be bomb as fuck to have or some turtles.
  3. A turtle would be awesome!
  4. yea snakes are as chill as they fuckin get.... just slitheeer and shit.. not ferrets, no fucking ferrets... lol idk ferrets and fuck go together.. they arent chill ... maybe a cat.. idk just rambling
  5. I have a lab, and 2 cats, i also put a 70 gallon fish tank, with a wide assortment of medium to large tropical fish, in my grow room, i have a little lawn chair in there, i like to get baked go in there and sit watching the fish and listen to a little Pink Floyd. Its extremely relaxing.
  6. Man my brother had a ball python for a while it was cool til the bastard escaped and froze to death in the basement over winter. :( Get a sugar glider or something. :eek:
  7. Got a rat right now, hes kinda cool. want to get a Camillion again sometime. maybe after i get my own place after this summer.
  8. Ferrets are super chill as long as you are. Only down side is you have to get two unless you take the 1 with you everywhere as they are companion pets.
  9. hamsters are always fun
  10. i got a dog and he loves eating stems. hehehe
  11. get a panda.

    Those r fun
  12. Chinchilla's are HELLA soft. I'm going to get one, name it Thizzle, and take it out EVERY time I thizz wit my beezie :D

    I've had Bearded Dragon's and Iguana's, awesome pets!!!
  13. chinchillas are fucking amazing, dear god they are softest animals ever

    but i think they are pretty expensive/hard to find

    me personally: as soon as I get out of college and finally have a decent sized backyard I'mma get myself a completely white pure bred huskie :smoke:
  14. I want a monkey
  15. Guinea pigs or dwarf bunnies are always fun.

    lizards are hella chill too. I always had fun with my lizards and fish.

    Rats are also very smart and chill like a guinea pig, but most people don't like their tails. Rat's are awesome pets in my book, though.
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