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    Sorry, I'm new here and had a thread over in the wrong section. What I was asking was "What kind of music do you guys all listen to when you just want to chill out?"

    A lot of people threw some good recommendations into the thread yesterday before it got deleted, so I want to start it up again, so I can update my music library with more dope music.

    This is what I remember from yesterday...

    • Bob and Damien Marley
    • Expendables
    • Slightly Stoopid
    • Slackers
    • Emancipator
    • Mobb Deep
    • Kid Cudi
    • Lupe Fiasco
    • Fugees
    • Bargain Music
    • Bedouin Soundclash
    • Black Keys
    • Collie Buddz
    • Dirty Heads
    • Rebelution
    • Dub FX
    • Easy Star All-Stars
    • Groundation
    • Iration
    • One Drop
    • Pepper
    • Pretty Lights
    • SOJA
    • Sublime
    • Tribal Seeds
    • Thievery Corporation
    • Matisyahu

    If any of you want to add to this, post your bands/artists/or whatever up and a youtube link if you wanna. Thanks for all the input and I hope this thread stays alive this time. :D

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