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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Jus got off work about 45 minutes ago. Aient been home that long tho.

    Came home, Took off my work clothes, Packed a bowl and ripped a bong hit. Ripped a brew and took a shower.

    Now back here bout to smoke some more and drankin another brew, Bumpin DMX - I Can Feel It.

    Went in at 3 today and wasnt supposed to get off till 11:30 but i say fuck lunches. I take my two breaks before 7ish then 7 managers gone and i can go out back and smoke all i want and fuck off jus i gotta finish the job sometime. By 8-9 i can do whatever the fuck i feel like jus gotta clean the whole place which with 2 people takes a good 2 hours. More by yourself.

    But got done early at 10:10 pm. I went in at 3 and started cleaning shit right away when custos werent around jus so id make sure im out early. Friday night man i aient trying to start on saturday morning which is now 14 minutes away lol.

    But got done then, Jus walked around and chilled till 10:58 and clocked out to make sure i get my 8 hours in.

    Feelin whipped, Was mad tired/sore before i went in and aient like i can jus sit down im standing all dya doing shit so i feel sore, Chill/get fucked up mode tonight.
  2. I feel ya man. Today has been a chill day for me too. Got done busting some lines a while ago and now just puffing on some nice herb.

    A nice cold brew would be nice right about now.

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