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Chill Doctors?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PalmPrePerson, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Anyone else have a chill doctor when it comes to the herb?

    My primary doc said that he appreciated my honesty, and said its better than drinking. It was funny, cus on the way out, I asked him, What did I weigh in at last time and he told me I was 11 pounds heavier this visit. Then he looked back at me and said, gotta limit those munchies and winked. lol. It was funny.

    Anyone else have any stories of you and your doc?
  2. My Doc has been really chill about it. He agrees it has medicinal use and is going to recommend me for a Medical Card the DAY it becomes lawful for medical use in Kentucky. I have migraines that don't respond to the normal medicine that is given to me, and I'm constantly being checked for Aneurysms. Chronic pain from these is a bitch, sometimes I can't even get out of bed, and marijuana is the only thing that really seems to help.
  3. Ya the first time i told my doc i toke he said "ya weeds fine just stay away from the other stuff. Those will kill you"
  4. I've asked an endocrinologist. He said to cut it out but then I said I'm gonna do it anyways so what is a safe limit?

    He said once a week would have no affect on your hormone functions at all.

    It was nice to have an honest answer.
  5. My doctor told my parents when I told him but they already knew lol
  6. my doctor basically told my mom weed makes people retarded. and guess what my doctors ASAIN, youd expect them ninjas to be smart :smoking:
  7. Well I started my 30 day T-Break yesterday, and the funny thing is I have another appt in 25 days. I always loose like 10 to 15 pounds on T-Breaks, I wonder if hes gonna notice lol and put the two together?

  8. So much for doctor-patient confidentiality.

  9. I started yeterday to,my appetite is fucked for like a week. I feel ya

  10. In your cass the doctor may have been right
  11. [quote name='"7764234"']
    So much for doctor-patient confidentiality.[/quote]

    You don't have that when your under 18. Of course they will tell your parents.
  12. Is this uncommon? I get asked if I smoke weed every time I go to the doctor, and he always asks how much without even blinking. Usually I low-ball him though.

  13. this means one of two things...

    1) Sue the pants off the doctors office for breaking "DR/Patient Confidentiality."

    2) You cant sue because youre underage.

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