Chill Bagseed CFL Grow Showing bad signs.

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    Random bag seed.
    Temps never been above 90, hovers between 70-85 usually.
    Local organic soil, couple of handfuls of gravel at the very bottom for extra drainage.
    Starting out with 4 cfls, and a disposable pan I crafted into a makeshift hood for my cfl fixture which consist of 3 Y socket splitters.
    I have a fan which keeps air circulating through the cab really nicely.
    18-6 lighting schedule.
  2. Day 11-

    4 Socket CFL Fixture/Hood I made.

    Plant that's showing the most drastic signs. Both the first little seed leaves are curled up brown also, not sure if you can tell from this pic.

    Little seed leaves on this one are yellow as a banana, and the ridges in the leaves are very dramatic for some odd reason.

    I'd say this is the healthiest of the (6) plants.

    This plant is even developing some really dark(if not black) patch on it.

    A shot of the 6 plants total.
  3. pH is fluctuating and may be off.

    Gravel at the bottom inhibits drainage, not increases it. Creates soil subzones, which requires that each is fully saturated before water can run to the next - Water is more likely to stick to itself and the tiny pore spaces in your dirt rather than run down to the gravel. Gravel only works to aerate the soil when its mixed in because it creates pockets where air can be held in the dirt, not because it drains the dirt better. It only does this by virtue of breaking up the smaller particles which tend to compact and clump.

  4. It's not gravel, it's more like, volcano rocked size. If you know what those are, but thanks for that tip. I need an Electric PH tester but haven't been able to find one! I'll try and find one again tonight.
  5. ^ANY rock, works the same way. Only works to drain if you mix it in. Otherwise the pore spaces are much larger than the dirt, except for the places where the rock touches the dirt. And there, adhesion and cohesion will win over the pulling force of the relatively dry volcanics.

    FYI, no such thing as volcano sized - not a good measure of size over the internet as I have some lava bombs out back bigger than my head.

    Online if you can't find local for the pH.
  6. Hey! I stopped by the store today, and picked up some perlite along with some ph strips!
    I repotted my plants in the newly mixed soil w/ perlite, and subtracted the bottom layer of rocks. I took them outside to water them, and saw a very big increase of runoff compared to the trickle of water I observed the previous watering. New growth is a nice green color, and I don't think the yellowing is spreading. Pics coming soon!

    - By the way PH was around 7!
  7. Hey Grasscity, night 14 is upon us and their overall growth is obviously very stunted.

    Here's a few pics-



    I know before I said I don't think the yellowing is spreading, but now that I look again i'm not 100% sure and am second guessing myself on it.
    I only posted pics of 3 of the plants because the new growth is exactly the same on all of them.

    Thanks guys.
  8. Just flipped the lights to 12/12 I know it's early, also received my new Auto-Blue Mystic seeds so started germinating those.

    Also, how long can I keep my Auto-Blue Mystic in one of those large Jiffy Seed Pellets.
  9. Xplant your autos to the largest container you can ASAP, otherwise you won't get much. If you do this be careful not to overwater, as it will take forever to dry in a container that's too big for the plant, and water in spreading radiating rings each time to encourage root growth.
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    Is a 16 oz. Amp Energy drink can large enough to go from start to seed for the Auto-Blue Mystic? Or would you recommend larger?

    Picked up some Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1. (Say's won't burn) Was going to dilute it 1-1.5tsp/gal. Have you heard anything about this product? Was going to try it out on half of the plants I have going now, before I try it on the Auto-BM.
    I also have a Foliar Feed product sample that came with something awhile back. It's called "Optic Foliar Rev" 0.5-0.6-0.021 I was going to foliar feed the remaining 3 plants with this product.

    Any experience with these products?
  11. ^read on the basics on how to grow; its apparent you didn't really do any background. No I have not had any experience with these products. You can burn with anything. 5-1-1 sounds like a terrible fertilizer to me. Don't fuck with foliar feeding; KISS - keep it stupidly simple. FF is too easy to burn with, and not at all needed if you have a healthy plant. If you want improved growth, go hydro. I only FF to fix a problem that I can't seem to zero in on using soil applications (in hydro I won't be FF at all)

    ....16oz energy drink can? Its big enough to grow a plant to yield you the bud from a 16 ounce root-space. If you wan't a bigger yield, get a pot; 2-3 gallon.
  12. I read on this site for about a year and a half before I even signed up, I know that's not long compared to some people, but it's also alot more reading then some people who have signed up here asking questions have read.

    I was reading if you cut the fish fert. to 1/4 strength it will work great, I read that on numerous sites and even saw an article somewhere about it claiming it worked wonders. I was just asking if you personally had any i'm still going to use it. Ok, I won't use product on ALL my plants. I have I say i'll do (3) sets of (2). 2 sets with product(one Foliar, and one FishFert), and one set with no product used just plain water set to the appropriate PH.
  13. ^its not about reading the site, its about researching how to grow; picking a 5-1-1 and sounding like your only going to use that shows you havn't done enough to adsorb the basics. Not trying to be a dick, but trying to get you motivated to do some more reading! Once you understand what your doing, your plants will be healthy and you'll get dank bud; if you only copy you are screwed the second you run into problems.

    Are those sources impartial? Have you seen grows resulting from the fish feed? A 5-1-1 means you will most likely have P deficiencies and possibly K even in vege, in a barren soil.
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    I was not assuming you were being a dick, rather trying to set me straight and I appreciate it!!!
    I know it's going to need more, I really got that for 3rd week veg, but seeing as this odd-situation where i'm flowering on like day 16 I guess the Fish Fert product wouldn't be best utilized on this grow.
    I still have alot to learn and I am constantly looking and reading. Trust me, i'm not one of those people to ask questions before doing some-sort of research on the topic first. Like when I brought up the foliar feeding product, and the Fish Fert. I've read a SHIT load of grow logs from a good variety of sites where the products are used and good results came of it. I thank you for all your responses.

    Think I should pick this up tomorrow?
  15. Aside from that being a pretty cheap bloom fert it sounds fine to me; I'm just against really cheap products, but I don't think that really applies to nutrients overly much. I don't know anything about the company though.

    Using that and the fish fert added to your water for mixing in equal parts will actually produce a really good nute solution, if the two wont interact and precipitate out - just mix one REALLY well first, then mix the other. Just make sure the amounts are equal, as the ratio derived from that will be 5-11-11, which sounds perfect to me - You can use it in vege, and bloom.

    Were I in your shoes, I'd buy it. Four bucks for flowering my plant? Yes please.

  16. Exactly what I thought!!!

    Mixing both of them into one water jug?! I assumed I had to mix them into their own water jugs.
    Do you think putting them both in one would be better? I mean it said online around forums I needed to start off cutting the fish fert 1/4, and increase each feeding. So...?:/
  17. Mixing them in separate water jugs would be best; however you can mix them in one container as long as you stir well in between adding one and the other. The only thing you CAN'T do is adding both nutrients together in a cup, and then dumping that in the water; that'll cause the nutrients to react with each other before they reach the water, haha.

    Do what people say; if the 5-1-1 fish fert calls for 4 tsp a gallon, dilute it down to the 1 tsp a gallon. Just use the same amount of the 0-10-10; if you make a solution of the 5-1-1 @ a tsp/gallon, use a tsp/gallon of the 0-10-10.

    The nitrogen is what'll burn your plants first, so the 5-1-1 is your limiting reagent; you don't need to worry about burns from adding the 0-10-10.
  18. Thanks you so much for that info @1sttg! I definitely will do exactly as you say and will document here regularly. Thanks alot!!!

    EDIT: Is the strain in your profile pic there "Ice"?
  19. Nah, its a Lemon Skunk. The frost is from a heat wave that came around week 5 or week 6 of flowering outside. Haha, I need to figure out a way to artificially re-create those conditions, as this crop was my dankest even though it was harvested a week or two early. (thinking of throwing a plant or two in a hot shed for an hour a day, since my greenhouse had to be taken down)

    The only issue is you can't keep heat really high as it would eventually stress your plants resulting in a lower yield.

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