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chilin w/ gc member

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by boredjim8, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. yesterday rollin phatty pmd me just as i was loggin off askin to chill .. smoked blunt w/ him and a bowl was real chill .. heh when he was gonna drop me off we were too high and i kept forgettin to tell him to turn right here and we missed it 2 times in a row ROFL ..

    anyone chill with a mmeber from here?

    i must say i was very paranoid to meet him.. i was lke fuck im the one brining nug im gonna get arrested.. but i saw him drive by and was like nah hes not a cop :p good thing i didnt ditch goin haha
  2. Yep, there's been several City members that chill with each other over the years. I go down to TN and kick it with RMJL quite a bit, she's been up here several times too. We're both planning a trip overseas to kick it with Superjoint at some point. That's gonna rock! :D

    Budhead threw a Grasscity party about 3 years back, was called "Budstock". That was probably the biggest gathering that I know of so far.
  3. That would be sweet if you knew that there were no police around, but CI's freak me out. JOE>
  4. We need to have parties for GC members all the time. Could you imagine what kind of bud would be there.
  5. i live with gofuzzyourself, and we've smoked with wookiesarecool. good time.

  6. What part of TN is RMJL in? I'm in Knoxville if you guys are ever in the area.
  7. that sounds awesome...wish I could chill with some GC members...maybe oneday!:D
  8. Euphorbia is my neighbor and we toke together often. Canyouspellthis and his brother has come over to smoke.

    I have plans of smoking with others but my husband is always so busy with work I don't know when we are going to be traveling again. Which totally sucks. I know our next trip is going to be Vegas, but I just don't know when.

    edit: I'm pretty open to meeting blades as long as they are over 18. I really do not want to get in a situation of contributing or really too much of people who live with their parents. I feel it's less safe with the 'rents nosing in their kids business...
  9. Only my older brother Tecknolust :D
  10. I never have before, and would probably be a bit sketched out by it. If I was to meet a blade it would definitely have to be one over 18, as DBW explained.
    Well, if any member I know enough through their posts was going through Olympia, WA I'd probably be down to smoke with them.
  11. haven't but would provided I didn't bring the herb lol no problem matching a fellow blade but I'd be damn paranoid about chilling with green or anything else in the mix from my end for obvious reasons
  12. Anyone near Poughkeepsie NY Is always welcome to toke one up with me
  13. I've actually toked with 3 gc members stoned as hell each time. Shows how weed brings peeps together.
  14. if anybody is from cape cod ma your welcome to chill with me
  15. Met someone once of a different bud forum once. They now are my main connect :).
  16. Na. Can't say I have.
  17. I've met butter and phreakymonk, smoked with both.
  18. I met with Ean, went to the headshop and came back and smoked. Fun times :smoking:
  19. What does your husband do if you dont mind me asking? I've seen you posting about him being busy a few times, it better pay good :)
  20. haha It does. - He works for a disaster restoration firm. He supervises their rebuilds/restores (so he kinda moved into white collar construction after being on the blue collar side for years). His company is really so cool and over half the people I've met smoke. Everytime he goes out of town they rent apartments and depending on how many people are at the job they'll have two or three roommates. He doesn't smoke much himself but every single time he's paired up with stoners. He can't get away from it even if he wanted too... He was in New Orleans for over 6 months and only came home very other weekend. That blew a big donkey dick. He was home for almost a month straight but was shipped off to Florida on Monday. He's always on the go, disasters everywhere...

    But I'm going to head down to FL in a month to stay down there for 2 weeks. I've met his roommates several times and they are so cool. They can't wait to try the ROOR. :smoke:

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